Cosmos Hackathon Announcement

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Cosmos Hackathon Announcement

Despite COVID19 Blockchain Technology has continued to advance although there has been a significant pause on social networking and development events with many Hackathons postponed throughout the pandemic. We already know the benefits of Hackathons which enable a broad range of minds and expertise to come crashing together to problem solve and dream up new technological advancements and use cases.

Cosmos hasn't has a Hackathon since 2019 which is about to come to an end or a beginning as the Blockchain is hosting it's first Hackathon nicknames HackAtom in Seoul.

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The event will be hosted in the South Korean capital Seoul at the Gangnam Centre (opppa Gangnam Style! is that still a thing? loved that song) Dream Plus. The official date for the event is July 29 to 31 and is tipped to host a broad range of developers and cosmonauts a like.

For many this will be the first time the meet in person coming out of a Pandemic and the event will also be hosting educational workshops, networking events, social functions and mentorships with a lot of the event being uploaded to the official Cosmos YouTube Channel.

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HAckAtom Challenges

The event is hosting a number of contests for participants to enter with the main challenges consisting of:
Interchain Price: Interoperability
1st Place USD $50k in ATOM
Hub Prize: Interchain Security
2nd Place USD $30k in ATOM
Application Price: Cosmos SDK
3rd Place USD $10k in ATOM (two winners)

With many more Cosmos chains such as Juno and Osmosis sponsoring their own challenges including other sponsors. For a full break down of challenges and prizes you can read the official post Here.

If you're interested in participating and learning more about Atom or have a great idea you would like to bring to life there will be plenty of opportunities to gains skills and broaden your knowledge as well as possibly even having a mentor support you in your development.

You can register for the event no later than 11:59pm July 27th, 2022.

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