Menzo Rising Star Game Post #13 : The Best Mission!


Hello again Buskerian, is everything going well for you today? I wish you a happy and healthy day. I am fine by the way. It's a wonderful day!

Before I began today's report, I would like to share Danis Waitley's wise quote. In his magnificent word, Denis Waitley said that Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker. Failure is delay, not defeat. It is a temporary detour, not a dead end. Failure is something we can avoid only by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing. It tells us that when we fail, we should learn from our mistakes. Rather than failing and never trying again, it encourages people to keep trying and never give up. Allow your failures to serve as a lesson rather than a source of discouragement.

In today's post, I'd like to share some figures from my September 20, 2021 Rising Star gameplay.

Chart Analysis


I've only received 10,430 Starbits from 28 completed tasks that reward Starbits. There are approximately 615 more Starbits than the previous day, representing a 6.27 percent gain. Each mission yields 372 Starbits on average, down 12.56 percent from the previous day. The highest number of Starbits earned was 801, and the lowest number was 21.


Table Analysis

Radio Interview384937%
Open Mic Night301729%
Illegal Busking290628%
Shoping Mall Performance3854%
Mid Week Support Slot2733%
Open Mic Night1029%
Radio Interview824%
Illegal Busking824%
Music Lesson618%
Shoping Mall Performance13%
Mid Week Support Slot13%

Today's Best Mission Award

Radio Interview is the best mission! Despite the fact that the quantity of Radio Interview missions is 24 percent, equivalent to Illegal Busking and 5 percent less than Open Mic Night Mission, Radio Interview missions reward the most Starbits, totaling 3894 Starbits, or 37% of all Starbits gained.

Level Up

I started at level 69 and at the end of the day had gained one level. Yipp Yipp Horayyyy!!

at 3:33 PM
@menzo levelled up to level 70

Discarded Pizza

I found four pizzas! Yummy!

at 8:07 AM
@menzo found a discarded pizza and it was stored in one of their Pizza Boxes.
at 7:20 PM
@menzo found a discarded pizza and it was stored in one of their Pizza Boxes.
at 9:08 PM
@menzo found a discarded pizza and it was stored in one of their Pizza Boxes.
11:41 PM
@menzo found a discarded pizza and it was stored in one of their Pizza Boxes.

Random Tips for New Player

In risingstar's discord chat channel, type !rsplayer [name] without the [ ] to see your friend's current stat!

Thank you guys. That's it for today, enjoy The Ultimate Police Medley (Roxanne, Message in a Bottle, Every Breath You Take, etc.) from Martin and the band! They are so AMAZING!! **de do do do de da da da!**********


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