The philosophy of utopia


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Hey.... hey greetings to all, I was a little retired from my writings and content, but I'm active again, well in a previous opportunity to share about the Utopia, based on fiction that humanity wants to be real, is a place never seen, but if dreamed by man, It is thanks to the thought that the current of philosophy is released, well as any good dreamer, this current is based on the imaginative representation of a future society of characteristics conducive to the human good, I just wonder if we will be prepared for its scope or the vision of the futo throw to another reality.

This regret has the positive in the essential search for the improvement of the human condition, well historically a breakthrough in humanity was achieved with the industrial revolution, changing the reality of seeing things and with it technology, within the history of Greek philosophy for the case of Plato if he imagined his utopia in a republic, where reigned the justice and the Ordering of the society in the civic and moral, something defines the being of each person, but not all thought the same, well also the political action was made to manifest, thanks it the positive of that thought of Plato gave the birth to the democracy.

Within thought of great authors and artists also had their historical moment, thought of a more creative utopia and imagination I refer to the Renaissance is an era that, this focused on characterized by the spectacular rise of the arts and sciences, with its impact on the social and economic. But this historical moment encountered many injustices in society, resistance to change by rationally founded politics, both political, religious.

Pa perspective of the philosophy of utopia has a meaning, which serves us to formulate and design alternative systems of life in society, which is why in the economy there are different economic models, political systems exercised in society, it is to maintain on an ideal connection and on the ideal society.

The most perfect world a man can dream of, would be the one created by God himself, for the enjoyment of the human being. In the fable of paradise, the Bible tells that Jehovah flattened a garden in Eden and placed man there.
A brief history of utopia by Rafael Herrera Guillén, 2013.