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Last Month I challenged myself to writing 50 finance related articles and amassing 500 LEO to power up

I failed at the first goal.

And that is ok.


Because I had the time (or as much time as I have to dedicate to my writing), resources, and material readily available to write my 50 posts.

Sure, its a lot, but not when you have literally hundreds of posts outlined in a journal.

I didn't even get half way there.

What does that tell me?

To work on the next goal.

This months goal is a little different.

I want to power up 550 LEO.

I am also taking the "have to write" out of it this time.

I mean, I can buy leo, too right? And I can toss that journal of could have been.

All of that time I have been spending on "I should write a post today"

Will now be used for something else.

This month I am concentrating on my online business.

No more "I should email them more often"

Just like last month I made writing for LEO my only writing project, this month I am making, writing my marketing materials my only writing project.

When you see me here on LEO, it will be a "down" time or time writing about how my marketing is going.

I have blog posts, and I have emails ready to go, and I will keep them coming.

I have a special running from Dec 13 - Jan 6.

By January 4, I will know if this is a good time investment that I need to optomize and grow, or another energetic time sinker to be tossed aside so I can find the real "I make money being me, money maker"

Goals are great, but stagnant goals are more like a disease than a blessing.

Let's keep our goals relevant

To be clear, I will keep threading, and playing rising star, and writing posts like this one, I am simply taking it off my "things to do" list.

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It doesn't matter that you didn't 100% hit your writing goal.

You still wrote more posts than you would have if you didn't set it in the first place.

Keep grinding :)

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