RE: Four Hour Workweek Response: My Target Income, What I WIll Do With My Time

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Please tell me what you find out through google, as stick figure dream boards are something I made up for myself.

Basically, since I am not so good at drawing, I draw stick figures or really simple drawings of what I want.

One example is that I wanted 10,000 HIVE power, so I drew a circle representing a coin, and I drew an "HP" in the middle and then wrote "x 10,000" on it. I did the same for bitcoin and litecoin.

For a clean and shiny house, I drew a simplistic house made out of a square with a triangle on the top, and then I drew little lines around it like a kid would draw rays of sun for sunshine and to me it means "shiny" aka "clean" house.

Its about drawing symbols that you personally know what they stand for.

Best of luck :)