"The Little Mermaid" Live TV Movie 2019


Hello CineTV Community.

Today I'm sharing my toddler's current favorite Movie: "The Little Mermaid" Live TV Movie 2019.

I must admit I like it better than the movie which was her favorite yesterday: "Bao"

Why do I like this one better? Because "Bao" is only 6 minutes long and there is no repeat button, and I have to sit there constantly and hit the "replay" button.

Little Mermaid 2019

The current Little Mermaid that we are watching is "The Little Mermaid Live!" that first aired in November 5, 2019, on ABC. It was a live musical event that was a mix of live-action and animation, based on the classic 1989 animated Disney film.

Some of the "movie" is part of the original cartoon, some of it has live songs and performances.

One of my favorite performances was the one by Queen Latifah who played Ursula. She killed it. I also kind of liked John Stamos, not because he was "good" but because watching him play a deranged animated Chef was fun.

The toddler's favorite part? When Ariel "swims." They put her on some type of harness and made her do "swimming moves." You can tell there isn't really any water there, but you can also tell that something fun is happening which really kept the toddler watching.

This movie has been fun to watch, and even though I have already seen it 5 times, I keep seeing new things that keep me interested (like when the "original" Ariel makes an appearance.

Thank you for taking the time to read about a little chunk of my life.


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