Today on Replay: Lilo and Stitch


Lilo and Stitch has been one of my favorite since it first came out

Today I laughed at the unlikeliness of Lilo and her sister ending up on a Cruise Ship, the snow, or Graceland, but then again, it is a Disney Story

But back in the day, I would laugh at how Lilo punched that girl in the mouth.

Way-too-young-to-be-in-charge-of-kids me was given a whole Elementary School Library and thirty kids needing remedial reading classes.

Naturally we watched Lilo Pinch the girl in the mouth repeatedly

I guess it was the 2002 version of a Gif. Press play. Watch, Laugh, rewind. Repeat.

Having access to all the media in the Library was... cool.

It is fair to say though that as unconventional as my teaching methods may sound, the kids in my charge inproved on reading. Dramatically.

Today as the toddler and me watch Lilo and Stitch on Replay we have the usual morning routine

Breakfast of cereal and milk, because the 12 not oatmeal muffins I made for breakfast this morning got got eaten up before the two-year-old- woke up.

(Not a mistake that will happen twice - I will set some apart next time)

Playing on threads, rising star, and CineTV (there's a lot of advertising on this site, it makes me smile). I'll even admit that I got my DrugWars account going again.

Light chores and lots and lots of laundry folding.

Oh, yes, and my favorite. My affirmation journal is opened and getting some ink.

What's on replay for you today and what else are you working on?

Lilo Kissing Stitch