How Much Am I Making On HIVE Daily - An Analysis



Good day! This time I want to tackle a little bit of a different subject than I usually do. As we all know, there are multiple ways of earning money on HIVE - you can do it through blogging, curating, gaming, staking or using liquidity pools and more!

I was going to go over all my earnings on HIVE - including all those things I mentioned above - just to see how much I am making per day on average. I figured it could be cool to put it up as a blog, as maybe someone can find it helpful in gauging what investments they should enter and what they shouldn't.

I'll start off by saying that this will be a little bit of an estimation - there is of course quite a bit of fluctuations from day to day, especially when we talk about crypto and even more so gaming. I will include pretty much everything that I do on HIVE - let's dive in!
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HIVE Games

I only really play two games on HIVE currently, but I am also invested in a very early version of another project - I also keep an eye on the other games and might or might not be entering these in the upcoming weeks or months. Lots of factors go into making that decision - mainly the amount of free time I expect to have.



Splinterlands is essentially the flagship game of HIVE - but it is hard to avoid talking about the fact it is on a huge downswing. Many players do not believe in the game, new players are not coming in hot and there are many issues that still need to be addressed. While I do have faith in the team, Splinterlands isn't a money making machine right now.

I would say I am currently in a waiting phase - I do not want to spend money on the game right now, as I want to invest once the legendary summoners are revealed. For me, that is when I will enter accumulation phase and hope that the game blows up once more, so I can profit off of it a little bit more!

So how much do I earn? The main ways of earning for me are through staked SPS, as well as SPS airdrop. Another way is through the occasional tournaments that allow someone with as low staked SPS to enter, as well as playing ranked battles and daily quests. I used to flip cards for pretty good profits during phase 2 of the pre-sale, but that ship has sadly sailed. Table below shows what I get on the daily:

SPS Staking Rewards$0,21This includes both SPS and Vouchers.
SPS Airdrop$0,51Daily airdrop.
Play + Daily$0,45Rough estimate.
Running TOTAL$1,17Excluding any potential card flips, etc.

Just for bookkeeping sake - I play in S1 for most of the season, renting exactly one high CP card - usually a 50k CP gold Untamed legendary. I actually do not spend a lot of time on the game lately, so getting a small amount of change everyday is actually quite nice!

Rising Star


Rising Star is the game that I actually get quite a lot out of. Having invested enough to get the STARBITS Millionaire card, I am reaping the benefits of being able to do the mission everyday. The game is not very popular, but has an extremely amazing community and is one of the more stable crypto games I've seen - your investments are generally safe and have a great APR!

Earning TypeEarningsComments
STARBITS Millionaire$2,90STARBITS currently fluctuate between $0,28 and $0,3/1000.
Regular Missions$1,80I get around 6k-7k STARBITS per day.
TOTAL$4,70This fluctuates depending on daily luck.

I reinvest everything into more cards and the growth is quite fast - my regular mission earnings have doubled since I became a STARBITS Millionaire. I am currently sitting at 6,6k fans and am able to get 250-350 new fans everyday! The goal here is to keep reinvesting until the end of June, when I will decide whether I want to start taking some of the earned STARBITS out and into other projects.


WOO TN.png

WOO is a game that I do not currently earn anything out of, but I figured I will still include it - I invested into Alpha packs, which I could now sell at a minimum of 20% gain or maybe even up to 75% if I'm patient. I might decide to do so, but for now I do not need the liquidity.

Moreover, WOO will airdrop perks to anyone who has purchased their Alpha packs, based on the amount of those packs purchased. This means I can also decide to sell some of those, if I desire.

Other Games

There are multiple other games on the chain which I am quite interested in, but I also want to avoid entering a new game when I do not have the time to invest myself into it fully - this is why I am holding back on two games that I am eyeing for a while now. This includes Hashkings, as well as Rabona.
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Blogging and Curating

While I have had a fairly long break recently when it comes to blogging, due to the fact that my laptop broke, I can calculate the usual average earnings for myself if I keep up my regular pace of posting - around 5 times a week. I went and looked at all of my posts in the past 2 months in order to get a rough estimate of what I earn out of my posts.

HIVE POWER$1,4Between my successful and less successful posts, around 6 HIVE is the average payout I get per day.
HBD$1,4Same as above - the payouts are 50/50 HP/HBD.
ONEUP$1With around 2 of my posts getting decent payouts in ONEUP per week.
SPT$1I usually get around 1 big SPT upvote a week, depending on what I post.
OTHERS$1This includes all other token payouts. BEE, CINE, POB, VYB and LEO are the biggest contributors.
TOTAL$5,8This can definitely be improved!

Except for blogging, I also spend my time curating. Part of my curation is upvoting posts myself - which I do solely for posts with the oneup tag, as I have a fairly large stake in ONEUP, with my Vote Power equaling 25k+ ONEUP - leading to each vote giving ~5,5 ONEUP to both me and the post author. On top of that, I am a part of the curation cartel, which stakes ONEUP to me weekly for my service.

Earnings TypeEarningsComments
Curation Cartel$4I get weekly payments staked of around $30
HIVE Curation$0,07My HIVE POWER isn't so high.
ONEUP Curation$0,75Much better!
TOTAL$4,82This is quite alright for sure!

Overall, I find blogging fun and curating quite interesting - so this might be a bit more time-consuming than the games, but I do it as a way to chill after a long day!
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Diesel Pools

I don't have much in terms of positions in Diesel Pools, so this will be an extremely short section. That said, I am happy to still receive some tiny amounts of coins everyday. I do plan on putting some more of my money into good LPs, I just suffer from being scared to not have liquidity - and I don't wanna experience too much IL without offsetting it with pool rewards.

Diesel PoolEarningsComments
SWAP.HIVE:ONEUP$0,32I have just over $130 in this LP - 87% APR.
ONEUP:LEO$0,24Just over $40 in this pool - slightly over 210% APR.
TOTAL$0,56Looking to increase my stakes in ONEUP:LEO

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Closing Words

I have to say I enjoy being on HIVE. I have to admit that it has sucked me in and even if my earnings here are pretty low, I do feel progress happening pretty fast - which makes me happy, as I would love for it to act as a second income eventually. Let's see what the grand total is currently.

Blogging + Curating$10,62
Diesel Pools$0,56

Getting over 17 dollars on the daily is awesome to me - while I do live in Europe and it's not that meaningful compared to my salary, it is a great way to start and lets me accumulate more and more assets everyday - if any of them every moon, I'll definitely have some nice extra money.

My goal is to at least double this by the end of June - hopefully triple. End of June is an important moment to me because that's when I will be changing some things in my life, as well as going on a bit of a holiday. This is why I use it as a bit of a thick line by which I'd love for my crypto investments to get better and better - on HIVE and outside!

All pictures are screenshots from aforementioned games, while the thumbnail is a free image from Pixabay, edited with Canva.


Great to see people making money. Hive is a compounding machine and so many options for people out there. It is good that you are taking advantage of them.

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Not bad at all and what's really cool about it all is it can be scaled. We are also still pretty much in a down market so those numbers during a rally could also double if not triple!

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Great plan and examination of your daily earnings. My plan is similar but less scheduled. I will grow my HIVE assets and keep stacking for the eventually run up of value.
I add in some trading as well to generate some extra assets with the day trading wins.


17 dollars daily seems amazing to me! Congrats

Right now my next goal is being able to get 5 dollars daily. I need to post more consistently



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