Birthday weekend

This year's birthday, (my 2021 birthday) came during the week, on Friday to be precise and I'm happy about it cos I'll have enough time to rest and have fun. Let me give you in details how it went, stay put, stay tuned, read and pay attention. I just hope you won't get bored reading 🙏.


I was born on the 3rd day of September 199....., Someone should guess 🤔... hahahaha 😀😀😀. I have never regretted being brought into this world on that very day till today. And so this year's birthday was not really planned unlike other years I use to carefully plan for it and sometimes it doesn't turn out the way I expected.


I had started a little planning for 3rd September since August, someone may ask what and what did she plan? I'll answer. I was going through my Facebook page during July and I saw a beautiful dress I admired it, saved it and decided to sew it and use in taking pictures for my birthday.


I went to the market and looked for a nice Ankara material which suits the style and other materials they used in combining. I bought it (Only the Ankara material) I couldn't walk around the whole market looking for the other material for the combination so I went back home.


I kept the material at home for some weeks just to source for money so I can pay the seamstress who sewed it for me. Fortunately, I was able to get some money. One week to my birthday week, I quickly went to my seamstress, I showed her the style of the cloth and everything. She told me she can sew it and told me how much my money was going to be including the materials for the combination.


I paid half of the money and she took my measurement and started sewing. I losed the hair I was carrying then and made a new one 3 days to my birthday, the following day, I got my cloth from my seamstress and I liked it, it was beautiful.


I wanted to look sweet and beautiful so after getting my cloth I went to the studio and took some pictures. 2 days after, I got my pictures and the following day was 3rd September which is my birthday.


I couldn't sleep the night to that day, I was so happy, I played songs, danced and smile all through. Immediately it was 12am that day I posted my pictures on every social media platforms I was and boom the party began 🕺🕺🕺.


I started receiving calls, text messages and most importantly credit alerts on my phone. It went on till 2am, I decided to sleep then continue the party later. Since I slept late, I couldn't wake up early due to the fact that I slept late.


At about 9 o'clock or thereabout a call came in and I woke up, I answered the call and I heard "Hello Miss please I'm I on to Abasiama?" I said yes you are and the guy said you're live on excel FM and we just want to wish you a happy birthday from a friend of yours.....I screamed and shouted 💃💃💃. I carefully listened while they read the wishes for me, I was so happy, I felt like I'm on top of the world, I appreciated it.


After that, calls, text messages and credit alerts kept coming in. Since I was born, I have never received such gifts, messages and calls from people. It was indeed a new dawn for myself and a year of Divine upliftment. I said a word of prayer for myself and thanked God for life.


At about 7pm, I got a call from my friends telling me to come over to an exquisite bar in the city of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. I dressed simply and went, getting there they had already summoned people and they sang a happy birthday song while I was entering inside.


I saw a beautiful cake from someone special to me. I smiled and sat down and the party proper began. Cruise no be small, I was asked to dance and I couldn't, I was very shy. They came up with a bet of 5k still I didn't dance, shyness did not allow me.


We talked, laughed, danced, drink and eat. I received this beautiful portrait too. I was so happy, I felt like crying. I received bags, shoes, clothes etc. Mehn I was loved and I wished everyday could be like that.


We took pictures


My earnest prayer is that God grant all the heart desires of those who in one way or the other put smile on my face yesterday. If I had my way, I would want everyday of my life to be like yesterday.



Once again,


Happy birthday to me!
It is my new dawn
I will keep glowing and growing from strength to strength.
This year is blessed in all my endeavors of life
I shall live in sound health and fulfill purpose. Amen.