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There's no better way of growing one's account than actually enjoying the little growth seen. Every account has it's own growth pace and that is why we see someone who joined Hive only a few months ago is above another who had joined since a year ago. The difference is mostly about what each account owner did for their account.

Most importantly, the engagement done with the account

How is your engagement going for you in your account? I may not be as active with my engagement as I was when I started on Hive but I never stopped engaging as I do enjoy it and that has boosted my growth here on Hive. There's no special way to engagement, you just have to find what you like to read and engage with the author. It's a win-win thing as you'll be happy you did (your account is growing) and the author is happy you stopped by.

Well, Leothreads is a more special way to boost your engagement on Hive

It's only been months since Leothreads started and I've seen so much benefits from using it, what would become of it when it has fully grown and has more users exploring and loving it? I can only imagine for now and keep active with it until it happens. Leothreads not only allow you write short form post, you could also share pictures, promote your Hive posts and engage as much as you can with other threads because you wouldn't need to read long articles.

I can bet that not many of us enjoy reading long form posts that are way above some number of words, Leothreads won't give you that as it is solely for your quick reads and having fun engaging. You could also find memes that will get you laughing which I think it's a good one for any trying to grow his or her Hive account (laughing through the hustles hehe).

Make use of Leothreads and have fun growing your account on Hive

Thanks for reading, your comments and support will be very much appreciated
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