State of the Empire - 03/15/2023 - Daily Financial Report.

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(Credit: Backdrops Beautiful)


Welcome to the start of a beautiful journey. I have noticed that some of the most successful investors on HIVE seem to take the time to daily reflect on their progress in blog form and I find this to be a facinating way to keep one's self focused on your investments. So I decided to tag along for the ride, so shall we?


Since this is the initial post, there will not be much analysis or comparing from the day before, etc. I'm just gonna lay out the relavant current values and what my hopes are. This won't be one of those thought provoking posts I tend to like to make. Just the facts.


Hive Assets:
Hive: 0.000
HP: 2.910 + 25.021 (delegated)
HBD: 0.014 + 1.238 in cooldown

I'm cooling down my HBD right now to convert it to HIVE and power up my HP. My understanding is that HP will add weight to my votes on HIVE curated blogs. Later, when I am satisfied with my accumulation, I intend to split my HBD/HP evenly, and after that split staked/unstaked eveny too, between the two, to provide some liquidity.


Layer 2 Assets:
CROP 441.000
CTP: 83.007 + 1100 (staked)
SWAP.LTC: 0.19403748 (transferred in)

Dont have over $1.00 worth of anything else, so not going to include those because the values are rediculously small. The SWAP.LTC is currently set for sale to HIVE for at 230, which will grant me about 43.27 HIVE. Seemed a fair goal price to grab a little lift after the transfer. I mostly did it to give me enough CROP for a land and seed and then I plan to power up what remains.


And those are the facts, as they are today. Feel free to like, especially comment, reblog and follow to see what happens to the Empire over time. I would like to hear your thoughts and recomendations, and why. Being that I have already pushed my Resource Credits to the 20+ hour recovery time, I don't think I will be doing much more for a bit. I like to keep it under 24 hours, if I remember. See you tomorrow.


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