Can the progress of Bitcoin exceed $40 this year

The Crypto market seems to be progressing and it is really looking like we are expected to see another bull market occur which really is a good way to start the year.
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Bitcoin price presently is close to $19k and that however, is a good sign of the market showcases it greenlight to see he progress of other coin come up and increase init price.

The price of Bitcoin have been down throughout last year which however, is no surprise to experience such price in Crypto but seeing the turnaround showcase it progress so early in the new year tells that we are likely to see another bull run.

Can Bitcoin go above $40 this year

This however can't be a surprise as it is said that anything can be possible In Crypto. Bitcoin going above $40 won't be the first time but seeing it occur again would be very great go appreciate the crypto market again.

There's progress and if the Crypto market can continue to showcase it positive trend it is very possible to see go above $40 this year.