LOJI PINUS FOREST tourist attractions

Yesterday afternoon we arrived at one of the tourist spots that we were going to, which was a beautiful tourist spot and had the comfort for us to relax and also enjoy the freshness and also the greatness of the Loji Pine Forest, because this impressed the beauty that this area and place had. This.

And we also really favor this place for beautiful and comfortable tourist spots


Besides being able to enjoy the beauty of nature, you can also make various activities here. There are also Mini Trail and Flying Fox rides that make you even happier
That's all?


In Loji there is also a CampGround which has a large area, so for those of you who want to spend the night or camp here it's really possible ✨
For tour hours 07.00-17.00
For camping, you can come from noon



Many tourists come every week, and they expect this to be a special pleasure in enjoying the natural beauty that they have, therefore it is our hope that this tourist spot will become a recreation area that is always the best, of course.

Every day we can see many people making tents and also making camps as their shelter.

Anyway, very interesting

that's all friends, for this loji pine forest tourist spot, apart from being clean and comfortable, the place really makes visitors feel at home for a long time here.

Thank You