A Golden shark has a walk in the park. With an Advaark. (weekly rewards for daily quests)


The Golden curse hit me again. One Gold Demented Shark. Nice card to rent. I got few nice monster cards this week. And the price of SPT seems to go up to the moon. I am happy that I got some all over the course of the past 12 months. And some new reward cards are coming up soon. TYhey seems to be quite overpowered, but with a big Mana cost. What else? Check this out:

8 Alchemy potions

10 Legendary potions

711 DEC

8 monster cards (Harvester x 2, Gold Demented Shark, Demented Shark, Axe Master x 2, Chain Spinner x 2)

Total value: $33.28

Actual stats for my account:


Number of cards: 253 - Common: 93, Rare: 78, Epic: 47, Legendary: 35
Alpha: 20 - Beta: 32 - Promo: 10 - Reward: 87 - Untamed: 84 - Dice: 20 - Gladius: 0
## Gold cards: 25 ## BCX: 5628 ## Value: $ 28834.32 ##

I reached $28.8K today, a big drop from 33.6K in cards value last week. Almost 5K waiting for Chaos Legions. The Airdrop goes smoothly, with 25.000 SPS (which is $6200 today). And finally, after collosal efforts, I am the proud owner of ONE MILLION SPT. Took me 10 months of continuously achieving them tokens, day after day. I delegated 1 Million SPT to @monster-curator. But I think in the last few days the curation rewards were not shared, with the new format of the Splintertalk.io forum. And from now on I keep the daily rewards to power up this account and soon to start doing some manual curation, once again. I you want to play Splinterlands, give me a shout on this post, and I may lend you some nice cards. My referral is https://steemmonsters.com?ref=mightyrocklee .

All the best,



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