Drop by drop is the water pot filled. Likewise, the wise man, gathering it little by little, fills himself with good! (Hive&co portfolio updates)

Working on some extra passive income, and, at the moment, my Hive portfolio is divided in 3 parts:

  • core portfolio, made from Hive and Leo tokens ( I have reached my 2022 target of 25K LEO last month, on #LPUD day) ,
  • gaming related portfolio, with SPT, 1UP, SPS ( Nightmare packs and Land NFTs on Splinterlands are now paying daily SPS rewards.)
  • the tokens providing passive income (after doing some research I decided to focus on ARCHONM, BROFUND, DHEDGE, BXT and INDEX).

 " " " " \"hive token.jpg""""

Hive: 6005 - $2149 (+46)

Leo: 25766- $1160 (zero)

Gaming curation account (this one)

*SPT: 1146K - $185 (zero) - Done

*ONEUP: 75076 - $17 (110%+ achieved)

Passive income tokens (you will see a percentage now related to my yearly portfolio target)

BROFUND: 63 (9% achieved) - $145 (zero)

*ARCHMINER: 17.25 (150% achieved) - $95 (zero) - Done

*DHEDGE: 4008 (100%+) - $78 (+4)

INDEX: 300 (18.18%) - $35 (ZERO)

BXT: 19 (1.90%) - 15 (ZERO)

Total: $3936 ($4350 last week)

With an decrease of 414$, the price of Hive and other tokens is going up and down with the market. Well? The staked 1UP and Leo is providing decent rewards, increasing the principal stack. I have reached my LEO target of 25K, and now I may try something new and extreme, I will exchange every rewards I get in December for Hive, to get some extra push there. The HIVE price is helping me to get some extra, and I already reached 6K, 94K more and I am done, huh. Genesis League airdrop started on 26th of October, and it will go on for a year, providing some GLS tokens if you have SPS staked on Splinterlands, and you can stake the GLS too, or sell it on Hive-engine, if you choose. Starting from today, you can also stake your Genesis League packs for more GLX rewards. (The games I play right now on Hive, beside Splinterlands, are Rising star, Cryptobrewmaster, DCrop, Dcity and Wombat Dungeon Master). As for curation, I upgraded my @leo.voter delegation to 3000+ HIVE, and the @meowcurator one to 25000 LEO. I got 1.14 Million in SPT delegated to @monster-curator for STP rewards, which I will claim back to do a bit of manual curation for a while.

 " " " "BCH TOKEN.jpg""""

I am starting a new account on the Blockchain.com wallet this month, 0.074 BCH right now on December 1st, $7.53 worth, and everything will be exchanged into BTC on the last day of the month. For 2022 I reached 1.5 BCH, even if I cannot use it for now, or ever (Hint: I stake it on Celsius).

 " " " "TRON TRX.jpg""""

For last week I received 14 TRX ( $0.76) from staking Tron. I have staked 15K TRX for now, and I will use whatever I get monthly out of it to buy USDT and send it to Binance Earn to stake it, 679 out of 1000 USDT planned, for now.

That's all for today.

All the best,


Why not...

...have fun and win rewards on my favourite blockchain games (Splinterlands- Hearthstone-like card game) (Mobox - GamiFI NFT platform) (Wombat Dungeon Master - passive, NFT staking kind of game), and (Rising Star - Music creators game).

...get crypto while writing on Publish0x blog, using Presearch search engine to maximize your income with PRE tokens. Use Torum instead of Twitter . I am also writing for crypto on Read.cash and Hive.