Look at this Axe master, how is he that faster? (Daily quest rewards and other spare bits)


I did 6 daily quests this week, which is not that bad. I did not have a lot of DEC dropping, but : got some good cards like Temple Priest and Axe Master. What else? Check this out:

11 Alchemy potions

8 Legendary potions

596 DEC

13 monster cards (Temple Priest x 2, Nightmare x 2, Harvester, Chain Spinner, Ant Miner, Charlok Mynotaur, Demented Shark x 2, Axe Master, Phantasm x 2)

Total value: $18.03

Actual stats for my account:

Number of cards: 250 - Common: 92, Rare: 78, Epic: 46, Legendary: 34
Alpha: 20 - Beta: 32 - Promo: 10 - Reward: 83 - Untamed: 85 - Dice: 20
## Gold cards: 23 ## BCX: 5617 ## Value: $ 26006.04 ##

I reached $26K today, a big jump from the 17K in cards value last week.The Airdrop goes smoothly, with 14662 SPS (which is $5600 today). We got a bit of a bump when the season finished, but the problem was quickly sorted out by the project team, and we have some more updates coming today. They are working relentlessly to keep up with the scaling. If you have problem with the Hive blockchain being slow around the daily airdrop, 17:00 I think, just try to do the daily quest in the morning or late evening. And finally, after collosal efforts, I am the proud owner of ONE MILLION SPT. Took me 10 months of continuously achieving them tokens, day after day. I delegated 1 Million SPT to @monster-curator. And from now on I keep the daily rewards to power up this account and soon to start doing some manual curation, once again. I you want to play Splinterlands, give me a shout on this post, and I may lend you some nice cards. My referral is https://steemmonsters.com?ref=mightyrocklee .

All the best,



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