Take the world by storm and live to tell the story (Splinterlands daily and season rewards)


Wow, i cannot believe my eyes, the season rewards are worth a whooping $36.55. I got 6284 DEC ($31.58 worth of DEC alone, as i had 3 x 2000 DEC on this season, can I complain? More SPS for me.). I had also 6 Legendary and 9 Alchemy potions, so useless to keep all these hundreds of potions, but maybe I will use them when new packs are introduced, and 11 cards (Nightmare x 3, Charlok Mynotaur x 3, Phantasm x 2, Harvester, Sandworm, Captain Ghost). Video below.

I can see many way that I can use the SPS aidropped to me, for the moment I just staked them into the game, but I plan to sell the ones I got in the first weeks of August, to pay for some wedding related stuff (thank you Splinterlands for taking care of this and that, do not boo me). I will do that on BSC, and then just transfer to Binance and send it to my bank, seems the easier way. After that I plan to stake everything and increase it for the next 11 1/2 months. Seems too cool to have a say onto the game decisions. First on the list, something to do with the loads of potions I got. Selling them on the market would be cool, but I have nothing against burning them for a few DEC.

Daily quests, were they as good? Heck yeah! Just look at this wonderful list of rewards for this week:

7 Alchemy potions

6 Legendary potions

2641 DEC

11 monster cards (Chain Spinner, Efreet Elder, Charlok Minotaur, Nightmare x 2, Sand Worm x 2, Harvester, Grim Reaper, Ant Miner x 2)

Total value: $9.30

Actual stats for my account:

Number of cards: 247 - Common: 84, Rare: 72, Epic: 42, Legendary: 29
Alpha: 20 - Beta: 32 - Promo: 10 - Reward: 81 - Untamed: 84 - Dice: 20
## Gold cards: 23 ## BCX: 5548 ## Value: $ 16318.56 ##

What is this? A 16318$ value on my cards. My mind cannot cope with all these huge gains. One month ago my cards value was a mere 2500$. The airdrop started last Tuesday, as scheduled. Hive blockchain was a bit stuck around 17.00 when the airdrop is done daily, but the team is working on the scalability issues, and I am sure everything will be good in no time. Until then, I am trying to do my daily quests in the morning. On my 1 million STP target, I reached 986K, so I am not that far, with 4-5K coming every week from rewards. I you want to play Splinterlands, give me a shout on this post, and I may lend you some nice cards. My referral is https://steemmonsters.com?ref=mightyrocklee .

All the best,



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