Why I am choosing bright future with Hive ecosystem (weekly portfolio updates)

I am starting to get serious with Hive, and it is time to make some plans for the future, as this will me one of my many passive income sources, starting from 2025. So, officially, the Plan 2025 added Hive to its other 37 projects. Why? Because there is som much possibility, and LEO, POB, Splinterlands are just few of the many promising projects on this blockchain. A thousand miles journey starts with one step.

Hive: 2452 - $1304 (+336)

Leo: 33626 - $997 (+33)

LBI: 200 - $72 (zero)

SPT: 1008K - $4811 (+5K)

CTP: 2133 - $25 (+3)

CTPSB: 50 - $44 (zero)

LENM: 28 - $74 (zero)

POB: 2016- $500 (+41)

BROFUND: 20 - $73 (zero)

UTOPIS: 10 - $20 (zero)

Total: $7927 ($8967 last week)

The 1 million SPT tokens, 3000 LEO and 5000 cub target for August was reached. As the updates on LEO seems to be quite billish, I have exchanged some of the CUB harvested on BSC into LEO. I am thinking to get a bit more POB soon, just enough to reach Top50. This one is definitely gonna be worth more in the far away future. Also, with all the respect for Achim, I think I will stop checking CTP and CTPSB for the moment, as the value of it started to be negligible. I think next month I will focus on HIVE, LEO, BRO, UTOPIS and i will also get one or two Archon Miners. Total portfolio value went down 1040$ as SPT value decreased a little.

As you can see, the airdrop on Splinterlands is going great, with more than 6.6K in dollars in SPS on day 31 out of 365. Never has been a better time to go into blockchain games, starting with this one. Initial investment needed is only $10 for a Spellbook. A bit more Aeneas (ASH) on Cryptobrewmaster, and some nice Hive once again on Dcity (I play right now on Hive Rising star,  Cryptobrewmaster,  DCrop,  Dcity). Still hope to get that 10 Pack plus bonus on Rising Star after so much farming on Starbits, I am almost there with 90k Starbits out of 100k.

As for curation, I have delegated 1900 HP to @leo.voter for some nice daily LEO, and finally, after only 8 months, I got my 1 Million SPT to @monster-curator for more STP, planning to keep it like that until end of July 2022 at least.

My total BCH on Celsius is now 0.858 ($526) a mere 0.013 BCH more than last week, but I am trying to reach the 1 full BCH by the end of the year.

This week I received 13 TRX ( $1.08) from staking 10524 Tron, and 30 TRX ($2.51) from staking WIN, so the total is 43 TRX ($3.59). The staking on TRON blockchain is looking good, with 1.5 Million Wink, bit over 1K of both DICE and LIVE, and 10524 TRX. Aiming for 11k staked Tron in here, and I am farming some Wink on Pancake, to add to the pile when the pool finishes.

That's all for today.

All the best,


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