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Today, is recognised as "World Day Of Social Justice"

With that, I'll discuss social justice in the digital economy and it's development within recent years, with the emphasis on platforms like the Hive Block Chain, and how it contributes in the digital economy.

As the digital economy has taken over and holds prominence in several areas of commerce and the way the world does business today, businesses and companies have adjusted and evolved with the times.

The Growth Of Social Media

I'll use myself as an example: It took me a long time to get my head around social media.

I'm accustomed to old-school media and communications, where for public relations and submitting press releases and articles, you'd have to contact, introduce, network and build relationships with media houses, editors, and other news agencies to get your stories published.

Day-to-day duties involved making "cold calls" and constantly following up with news agencies on the expected date for publication, or if your story was the Editor's Choice. There'd be bartering such as extending usage of say, hotel facilities, or airlines in the return of having your articles published.

Sending press releases and news by mail before digital photography and internet / email, meant that there would always be delays in getting films developed and also costly to send mails.

Still, I missed all that, and held on to the notion that social media was vain and self-promoting with no substance, and I tried to make a separation in my head, instead of accepting that social media is the "new media" and here to stay.


My Acceptance

I decided to at first be more active on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr, but still there was something lacking.

I needed depth!

After doing some serious self reflection and introspection, I decided to do various online Blogging and Vlogging courses, Wordpress Website and Blog Building courses, and even a Public Relations course, to keep abreast with the industry, as it's a part of me.

Then, after doing all that, the penny dropped that blogging and vlogging are basically the same thing I'm used to, just a modernised version.

I thought, ok, maybe I should get on board with the times and start up a blog. I wanted purposeful blogging.

Purposeful Blogging

I got the steps of how to set up a blog:

  • how to choose the right platform for your blog
  • how to make the decision between using a blog hosting service and hosting your own blog
  • the main features and costs associated with some of the most commonly used blogging platforms
  • securing a domain name and hosting, if it's a self-hosting blog
  • and the lists go on...

I did further self reflection and started to think what direction I'd like my blog to take. I realised some of the following things:

  1. I might not really like to talk about my day, how it's going or how it was. Instead, I like to take mental notes of what happened, how I felt and dealt with situations, and what I thought I could have done differently.
  2. I might not wake up and tune into a blog to read about a rant of a bad day where someone speaks like the world is going against them. Instead, I like to observe, acknowledge difficulties, and note actions taken and steps that would be useful for future reference for myself and someone else.
  3. I am open to anyone messaging me to ask my assistance or opinion on a situation, (whether they take the advice or not is of no importance to me), so if someone had a question to something I should blog, then I'd have no problem interacting.
  4. I find it very annoying when someone pings me to complain about something that has nothing to do with me, not asking for assistance in finding a solution, but just voicing out and ranting. I try to transfer positive energy, so find that if I take all that on to myself, I take on negative energy. (This is just a part of my personal growth).
    That I find selfish because I face and deal with my own annoyances and nuances, by finding ways to tune them out and shift my focus, after all we are in control of our minds. Therefore, I thought, I would try to present my blogs in a positive way and send out positive energy - it doesn't mean my life is perfect or cherry-picked to impress, I just like to deal with challenges as they come and highlight the positives!

All these became the guidelines and directions of what I wanted my blogs to be like.

Wow, this cappuccino is smooth, how's your coffee?'


Hive To The Rescue

Then, with the introduction of Hive through @scubahead I joined this blockchain and though I'm still learning more about it everyday, I like the subjectivity and inclusion of it all.

(My personality is multi-faceted and my interests are vast - one of the reasons why I never wrote an introduction post :), because I thought which one of me should I introduce?🤣🙃)

I think you'll get to know me more in good time :)


The inclusion of communities spices up the experience and it gives you ideas and motivates you, as well as helps to keep you on track. Therefore, I try to share parts of me with my Hive family, by utilising the communities.
There are some areas that I'm particularly interested in, which I find myself frequenting more, but I do like the variation and the different flair all communities extend.

Social Justice In A Virtual World

Working virtually facilitates more equality for all because there's less discrimination, there's less personal judgement of others, and it allows each person to improve or manage their own times and schedules. All this transcends to better distribution of wealth, opportunities and privileges in society.

Would you like a piece of the pie?


Speaking of pies, Hive offers a piece of the pie to everyone.

Hive Block Chain, has no criteria for anyone to sign-up, there's more freedom of expression than other platforms, because it is not managed by any company and it is a global media with no boundaries and exclusion for any country.

Many persons with disabilities, or who are physically challenged are doomed by discrimination, denied the opportunity to even speak or show their abilities, and would never be able to maximise their potentials by earning a dollar for themselves.
Not on Hive!

You're probably thinking that this is a heavy (financial) topic for a conversation over coffee, but that's what coffee does for me. Coffee helps me to focus and improves my concentration allowing me to think more cleverly 😊


I'd love to hear your perspectives of Social Justice, something of paramount importance to me.

Why don't you come on over to us here at Cinnamon Cup Coffee, we like to have all sorts of conversations over coffee, and it's a warm community here.

Collectedly, I do appreciate the avenue for personal growth and development, which Hive offers me, especially now that the world is becoming more of a virtual one.

Thank you for reading peeps.

Have a great day :)

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One word: insightful.

I am drawn to your way of storytelling. The way you tell your history with media and social media made me realize the wisdom you have accumulated through the years. I wanted to know more about your perspective on things. That's why I put that one word there. You're full of insights!

Hive Block Chain, has no criteria for anyone to sign-up, there's more freedom of expression than other platforms, because it is not managed by any company and it is a global media with no boundaries and exclusion for any country.

This! Eloquently said. I couldn't add anything to this. This is exactly the reason why I stick to Hive no matter what.


Wow! I got goose bumps reading your comment 😊
I'm glad you find it appealing, I do take great pride :)
I see Hive as a place to grow in so many ways, and it has opened up the door to meeting so many people from all around the world.
When I read some of the blogs, it's like I actually get to know the person, and that's beautiful 🙂
I plan to stick around 😉


Good Day to you @millycf1976 , @scubahead has been a 'friend' for quite a while, and I just saw him tag you on one of his posts, so I followed the link, and now follow you as well.
I look forward to reading more, especially your views on social justice, don't have time right now though, the sun is finally warming the outside up above freezing and I have things to do outside.
I've had my coffee, but I need to eat something first.

↑Upvoted↑ and ←Reblogged→

Welcome to my World


@jerrytsuseer Thank you so much for your kind message and the follow, upvote and reblog :). I look forward to seeing some of your posts too.
Of course! Go and enjoy the sun, I know how important a tiny ray can be after a long winter season.
Have a lovely day, and enjoy your meal :)


This was my morning sunrise Camille, it was -2.77C°, but it has warmed above freezing now.


I've not been able to get away from this bloody computer yet ha ha ha.
Take care, we'll be in touch