Focus Is Hard


If you follow me and @chibititan then you probably realize I've been posting a lot but our game hasn't had an update in almost a month. Focus is hard.

I have A.D.D. that has mostly gone untreated for the last couple years because when I went to Japan I had to cut off my Adderall. It is illegal there. I read too many fear inducing stories to try to just take it anyway. When I got back I decided to just try not going back to it.

Things haven't been too bad. I definitely have trouble concentrating a lot but I've managed to stay busy and keep up with work, school, and personal projects. For the most part at least. Luckily Covid has made almost everything doable from home and this has benefited me greatly.

I have considered going back on the medicine but we have had plans to move more permanently to Japan. I don't really want to start it again only to have to quit again. Most of the other treatments I've tried did not really help any. Adderall on the other hand makes me very calm and clear headed.

Focus is very important for someone trying to start a business. It is tempting to blame burnout or act like its not a big deal to slack a little sometimes. That is a benefit of being your own boss right? However, it is also a slippery slope. You skip a day and the next thing you know you haven't done much of anything in a month!

I am a little out of ideas to post and thought I'd try to make excuses like a loser! There really is no excuse. I just need to get back to the game and make some progress! I've come too far to let a little burnout or A.D.D. stop me now.

What do you do when you can not focus on your business? Especially before it has really even launched? This is the time that requires the most focus and hard work after all.

Good news is I have done a little work the last day or two. I'm hoping it'll get me back on track this weekend. If not earlier. Just have to make sure I keep up with my job as well. As much as I want to start my own thing, I still need an income. 😵