Shidima #0 - Exile

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Investment Talk: A lot of comics of the time had zero issues. This is more a preview/prelude than a full comic book. This can sometimes mean lower print runs. This issue also had multiple covers. But neither are more rare than the other I don't think. Either way, not high demand for this series. Reselling cheap issues may net a profit, but only for patient or bulk resellers.


We get introduced to a couple characters right away. Aldaran is the main character and his companion is Jandro. They are assassins. Jandro casts a silence spell around Aldaran who is infiltrating a the home of a noble in line for royal succession.


Think there is an editorial mistake. They call his regular bow a crossbow. 😅 But the silence spell works out well and Aldaran swings over to the room. Breaks into the window with a lock pick. The mark doesn't notice a thing until it is too late. The ambient sound comes back which raises his alarm but it is too late and Aldaran finishes the job.


Aldaran's partner reports and gets paid after they ride back to the city. Aldaran meets up in a bar to get his cut. But it is a betrayal. The patrons and even the bartender all attack after Aldaran sips some Brandy and seems to be poisoned.


Aldaran is unarmed in drugged but flashes some magic and fights back. It is not enough however as they manage to knock him out. Not until after they inform him they do not plan to kill him, they just need to take him somewhere.

So where are they taking him? What role does Aldaran have in their plan? Not a lot to talk about yet but the characters and setting are pretty cool! This could be enjoyable.

To Be Continued!