Shidima #1 - Outlaws Return


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Investment Talk: Bulk resellers only. This is not a high value book and does not have much prospects to become so. It does have some cool art and characters though!

Thus Far: In the prelude issue we saw the main character Aldaran get captured after performing an assassination. This issue does not tie into that yet though.


This issue begins with Aldaran sparring what seems to be his teacher in a grassy field. Even with the bulky weapon the axe wielding character gets the best of him and knocks him to the ground. While there he hears the approach of horses and the two hide in the tall grass as they pass by.


Despite being the teacher, Kazuo does not seem to have a grasp on what is going on, while Aldaran suspects bad news as the riders head toward the local village.

In the village the peasants are working and the elderly are telling stories to the kids. But the appearance of the riders sends them into a bit of a frenzy. The men order the children and elderly inside and they sort of confront the riders until they realize they are the Princes of the Empire. But it is a bit late. One of the remaining kids makes a snide remark toward the prince demanding more money for the imperial army.

Prince Mitsura then slices the kid open and says his belly looks full enough.


Prince Mitsura orders the destruction of the village and death of all of its inhabitants. Kind of ruthless but he wants to make an example.

I thought maybe Aldaran and Kazuo would jump and save the village but no, they arrive way too late. The village has been destroyed, all are dead. The last man alive having his eyelids cut off and strung up on a crucifix while being forced to watch.


Aldaran has a suspicion that there is something in the village the peasants were willing to die for. They didn't run and the village was strategically laid out to protect a certain area.

His suspicion turns out to be true. He finds a hidden stash of weapons and wonders where they came from and who is trying to start a rebellion now.

We then start a flashback to four years ago. When the rebellion was beginning. Aldaran was amongst the rebels. He is into a girl named Kameko though he feels like the rebellion is helpless. She obviously does not.


Aldaran does not want the rebellion to begin again it would seem. So he goes to the closest person he thinks has the power to move that kind of weaponry. Minako runs a bar and brothel. He goes there to try to get some answers.


He tries to intimidate her at first. She recognizes him and thought he was dead. The issue ends with him being in a tough spot again as her friends start to gather around and have him cornered.


We get a better view of the world in this issue. There is clearly an oppressive empire ruling the lands. The peasants seem to be trying another rebellion, which means the previous attempt four years ago failed. Aldaran is an interesting character. He seems strong and capable but at the same time keeps getting himself into trouble. Kazuo seems even stronger, but we do not get a lot of info about him yet. Though that scene with their sparring in the grass will always be amazing to me. 😅

Not a whole lot to say yet, we are just getting started though! So what is in store for Aldaran? Is he going to be part of the rebellion or is he okay with the empire? Is he even going to make it out of Minako's bar? Is this all before or after the trouble he was in at the end of issue #0?

To Be Continued!


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