Warlands Banished Knights #1 - Greyson's End

With the original Warlands coming to an end with issue 12 we also saw Greyson, Jerell's brother fall to the vampires. There are a couple other series of Warlands that we will go over later, but I decided to read Banished Knights next. I never actually finished reading this series so I am kind of excited to finally get around to it, and share it with Hive!

ClickTrackProfit is also doing a 30 Day Content Challenge so I thought maybe I'd start that with this as well. I'm still not too clear on all the tribal stuff but I've been seeing people tag ctp for lots of things lately, especially Splinterlands so I thought, content is content, and it is my goal to post every day. So this challenge sounds like a good idea to me. So my goals are to continue to read and review comic books every day, post about Splinterlands when I play, and update @chibititan game progress on Titan Climber when I can. Just try to stay busy busy and keep posting!

So without further ado lets get into the first issue of Banished Knights!


I have both cover A and B. These are not rare variants like some more modern comics do, they just had two covers I think. I don't always buy the extra covers but I really liked cover B on this one. If anyone is interested in buying this series, it is usually found pretty cheap. Though it seems a bit high online these days, so I'd recommend trying to find it in local shops. I do not think it is available officially digitally either. I don't think any Dreamwave Productions comics are because they went out of business.

The first issue begins with some arrogant mortals thinking they have a now vampire Greyson under their control. There are a few pages of poetic, "What does a vampire want" musings. Being neither dead nor alive a vampire wants many things.


I absolutely love the art in these series. This one is primarily penciled and inked by Alvin Lee but this is also about the time James Raiz was getting started. He is one of my favorite artists and often did the background art in these books. And it is stunning.

While they are trying to torment Greyson, we go back to the end of Warlands when Greyson is dead and being hauled to the fire. He awakens not realizing he is a vampire. His former comrades attack him so he is forced to defend himself. He is a trained soldier now with the powers of a vampire so he turns out to be very strong and great at killing people.


He has been a vampire for over 50 years now. As we find all this out, we also are shown that he was just toying with the mortals and ends up killing all but one.


Belmiro and Rosala show up looking for Greyson. Here is where we get a bit more insight into what has happened over the last 50 years. At the end of the war, Malagen the Black, leader and first of the vampires was killed. Greyson awoke with a consciousness a bit greater than most and typically does not attack humans like other vampires might. However, he now tends to lose himself more often.


It turns out many vampires are losing themselves to their "baser urges" now. Belmiro seems to be seeking out other vampires to join him. Malagen was the key to vampires not succumbing to madness and now Belmiro claims to know a way to regain this ability. And in the process gain immense power in the vampire world. Power to rival the other Vampire Lords, or more. A lot of the lords died in the war, Malagen, Verdemis, Aalok, Shrogram. But Tessan and some of the others survived. No indication yet how they all stay sane or where the power currently lies.


Greyson initially refuses to help and walks off. Rosala is convinced he will not but Belmiro holds out hope he'll change his mind. He threatens to kill him if he does not. I would suspect the offer of a chance to become human again may be something that can convince Greyson to join.


Like most first issues, we get a little action but mostly story set up. Greyson seems to be a very powerful vampire, despite being only 50 years old. Belmiro and Rosala seem to be strong as well but mostly cunning. The evil mastermind kind of vibe. We don't really get a ton of answers on what happened after the war here, but it does seem to tie things in a bit.

So will Greyson join them in search of power and potentially becoming human again? What is this secret they know? Maybe they've located the Darklyte Armor again? Or maybe that is gone forever, not really sure.

To Be Continued!