Be in your own way.

Different types of people around us. Different by their behavior, status, appearance and so many scales to divide. How much do they influence us? They do on a large scale. It's always better to be like yourself without comparing it with others. There is a point that you should always try to acquire better qualities from others. While doing so, one shouldn't be losing himself.

It started to knock at my mind a few hours ago when one of my friends was regretting her being short. Here I am a guy of almost 6 feet and she is a little bit short comparing to her friends. But she looks cute in that, anyone would be thinking of her as a school going girl. She feels sad in that, she doesn't wanna be the kiddo so think of herself on an unmatched side and get into depression whenever she feels it.

Well, come to me, here from my side. As a tall person, I do also have some drawbacks too. I still remember the days when I often used to travel via a local bus and my leg would stick between the seats. Hahaha, I used to sit being curved. Another painful thing is whoever sees me tells me about joining the defense of our country. I admit that it has enough respect, good salary, and opportunities but you know what I am not meant for such kinds of jobs.

I won't be able to go with the strict rules and regulations there. They do a lot of physical works which is beyond my capacity. So whenever I encounter such questions I simply try to avoid and move on to my goal.

So these are some odd questions and situations we all face in our walk of life. So there is nothing to find errors in ourselves. Rather we should find out the latent talent from us and grow it. As long as we will not stop driving away by the biting of others we won't be able to fly the kites of our life as our wishes.


There is a very popular phrase that, "Be yourself ." From the day you will start accepting as you are and go for your life then nothing will be able to break you down in the midway. Here I am, accepting myself as I am, trying to fulfill my goals for life, giving importance to my interests so that I don't feel like anything was imposed on me forcibly. Never try yourself to change on seeing someone else, if so you will be left as an imposter and nothing will be conquered.

Life flows in different ways with different people. One will not be matched with the other so we need to understand our waves and dive into it as it is. Everyone with their strategies and ways of life, nothing is worth ignoring. As long as we feel and work for ourselves we are ought to succeed in the journey of life. Take care and give priorities to your interests.