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In my today's vlog,i have told what is easy. Writing blog or uploading vlog what is easy.

How one can express his life easily.
By watching my video you will be able to understand everything.

It was for now. Keep me in your prayer. Love to the youngers and respect the elders.


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I am Minhazul Islam. I am from kurigram, Bangaldesh.I am a student of Hon's 1st year.My like to do part time job.As i am kid so i do that in my mobile,i try to earn whatever i can to use as pocket money. I like to write blog,i write to take photographs.If you want to know more about me you can contact me on discord.

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Very important video. Asolei to blog naki vlog easy.ekn seta nijeder upor amr kace to 2 tai ekn easy. Tobey first time amr kace 2 tai hard cilo. Regular involved howar karone ekn ektu kore sob easy lagce. Karon day by day amra eisob bisoyer sathe introduce hosci jar fole jana hosce. Tobey first time sob kicui ondokar rater moto. Aste astei sob clear hoy.