My vaaccination experience


I was thinking of writing a blog,but i had taken first dose of my covid 19 vaccine yesterday,so my hand was hearting. So i was unable to write. Today i am going to share my experience and thoughts about covid 19 vaccine of bangladesh.

Actually i had no problem with vaccine. I had thought to take this from the first day. But that time it was only for 40+ years old age people.
That's why in that time i was not able to take it. But in that time , after doing application it was taking only 2-3 days for the date of vaccine. It was in my mind.

Then our age time came,also our students vaccine came. But in that time i was in village,i had thought after going in dhaka, i will apply for it and take the vaccine, because it takes only 3-4 days, after application.
I went to dhaka on 2 October,then i do application for vaccine on 5 October, I thought i will get it very soon. But i was wrong,i haven't knowledge about it. I got sms after 50 days,i got astonished. That was not the main factor,the factor is i had came in village on 24 October,so i was not able to take it from the exact location they had given me. I thought i won't be able to take it from anywhere. I thought i will have to go back in dhaka for vaccine only. Also i won't be able to do application again, because my date was already came.


Then i was in very tension,how i recover from this problem. Then yesterday my cousin sister was going to take vaccine,so i thought of going to check the location and ask for my issue. After going there,i got solution,i was astonished. They told me to go in the other room,there i found a huge Serial. They were giving Pfizer. And my cousin sister was getting Sinopharm.

  • Pfizer is from Germany,
  • Verocell from China
  • Sinopharm from china
  • Moderna from America.

[My information can be wrong too,but i think this is right]

As i live in dhaka,so i got the Pfizer. And my cousin sister got cinofirm.
I was scared. Because i was known that i was going to get Pfizer. And after getting Pfizer,it hurts a lot. Also people got fever after getting it. My friend has got fever for 3-4 days and he was unable to up his hand.
I got my vaccine of my left shoulder,it was very very very little hurting while getting the vaccine. I became surprised.
They were giving 4 people vaccine together. All things were happening very fast. People coming and taking,it was taking only a few minutes. Because they do scan of the qr code of the vaccination card
But in the night time,i mean yesterday my shoulder was hurting,i wasn't able to move it. Then i took a napa table. Because of fever and hurting earliness.
So finally on 7 December i got it, though my date was of 25 November.

It was my first dose,my 2nd dose will be after 2 months maybe. And 2nd dose will be same as the first dose,i mean i will get " Pfizer".

In Bangladesh,we do vaccine application from surokkha website.

But then today morning,i was ok. There wasn't any fever nor hearting on my shoulder.

So it was my vaccine experience.
I was thinking of writing,but what to write,then this came in my mind and also my shoulder was not hurting today.

Now i can say that "i am vaccinated".

Hope you all will read it and tell me if there is any mistake.

Thanks all


Awesome! Days after the vaccination hurts more than the actual vaccine shot itself, but have to say, it's all worth the pain to be safe around our environment now, especially with the new covid variant.