Residence of Students in Bangladesh


There are a lot students in Bangladesh. For their higher education they have to leave their own house. And have to settle in somewhere else. Specially after admitting in College and University,we come out from our home.

Then the main thing is residence. Where they will stay? What will they do? As we were with our family so far. Now how will i manage without our parents. Different questions arise in our mind.
But nothing to do this is life.
There we see 4 types of life in residence choosing.

  1. Family life,
  2. Hostel life,
  3. Mess life,
  4. Hall life.

Students have to pass their one of the valuable time without parents. Though some stays with family in their student life too.
But about 80% students,can't stay with their family. Specially in the higher education time. But as a student of higher education,one have to face this kinds of life.

So, Firstly Family life.Family life is when a student lives with his parents or family. Not only with his father mother,but also some stays with their relatives.

Here life is like before. No freedom, he have to run by the family. Family times lunch, family times dinner. Family rules etc etc. Off your light before 12 am. Different things,i have pass my secondary School life with my family,so i know this life very well.

Then secondly hostel life,Again in some college and University area there are hostel. Hostel are runs by the owners of the hostel. He does everything and students pay to him. This is a little expensive.

But this a little similar like family life, because everything done by the owner. Student have to pay just. But here is no family rules,you can enjoy full night. You can play game ,you can use phone all night,no one will stop you.

Then thirdly hall life. In some University and college in Bangladesh,there are hall. Students live there. It costs very low. Most of the students wants to stay in hall. Here expenses run by the authority. And they take a very less amount from the students.

Though life is not much good here, because food is not good here. Again sleeping places. Again situation is very unhealthy here. Again political issues. Politics is must here. But bangladesh is a poor country,so one student cannot but have to live here. But full of freedom here. You can roam all night. No one is here to stop you. You Are king of your own life. Your life your rules.

Finally the Mess life. Mess life is when some students live together, about 3-15 students,in 2-4 rooms. In not all college and University there are enough seats for students to give residence. So, students have no choice of living than mess. Again some don't wants to do politics they live in mess.

Mess life is a little costly,but not much. Here all things are runs by those students who live here. They do market,they give money ,they are together. In this life ,it is a little similar like the hall life. Because same thing full freedom here. No one is here to stop you. But the difference is money. There most of the costs by authority,here by himself.

So it was for today. You can know more about residence of students in Bangladesh from others. This was my point of view. Hope you all will read it and tell me your opinions.
Thanks all.