Trading With Rsi

RSI isn't always reliable especially when there is pressure after the double top. Safest method I use is when the macd corosses the signal line and RSI trending with it I'm able to pick up quick scalps. 80/20 rule does come in handy though but there are situations you'll need to rely on other indicators. I'm currently experimenting with the ichimoku cloud which helps you see ahead better on the chart for longer stays. Have to look for the crossover. I've been seeing a trend lately with SPY where the first hour typically starts with a dip or uptrend making it easier for entry if you're patient. I'm new to VIX but im learning it is also helpful. Noticing SPY running opposite of it. And most importantly having an idea of the price range that the stock will be trading in is super helpful. These are all just things floating in my head when I execute. Oh! Lastly you cannot get too greedy. Have a target like a total percent or dollar amount you want to take for the day. When you hit it walk away and start over tomorrow.

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