Coti Will Be One Of The Best Coin


Talking about cryptocurrencies that are not in the top 200.


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That is to say, the popularity of the coti coin is quite impressive and the better performance can increase the interest of the users to become real investors, the koti network has introduced a new plugging version which will work on that zero point version and also they have established great partnership including gimbal foundation ceiling Celsius Network phantom Simplex constellation and choti recruit is launched priced at USD 0.2 092 USD.

And soon after icoph’s response the coin reached its highest price at that time which was $ 0.12 USB But after the TV now coti’s good journey started turning into a disaster where in less than seven months the coti nearly fell by 93% but did not bother coti.

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Because after the second quarter of 2019 almost all cryptocurrencies collapsed and that period was referred to as the term crypto Crash, but 2020 put the market back on track where Bitcoin almost hit USG $ 7,000 in February, similar coti have also showed some price growth where the price also changed well.

Okay, on this occasion I will tell you a little about coti, because in my opinion coti is a very good coin.

What is coti, coti coin the first blockchain protocol in the world optimized for desentralized payments is that coti coin will be used by all sectors, from gubernur to dead payments and issuer stablecoin coti state by founded Samuel Falcon multiplex nerve VP of dikotil development mentor grup bisnis davita nervo one of the founders of the city Group and also co-founder pada frekuensi koti the first fintech platform at company level on which the company creation of suns and laneliparmiata staf march 2017 while the platform for new episodes of coins state 1 gentronaio 2020.

Another advantage of you type is that it can process all payments both online and offline, while also being able to make transactions in crypto, including stablecoins, traditional financial payments will cost users a lot, while on this network.

Allows users to freely transact on cryptographic digital wallets, etc. The platform coti is on is the first in the world to be optimized to create coins at a stable price so that users have the ability to launch their own stable coin coti has an infrastructure based on the Protocol The Age and Theraskin algorithm above. this infrastructure there is a service called X code this service offers kykx and exchange compliance, interoperability, buyer and seller protection and framework.

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Stability there is also the coti gaming service which is a service that offers stablecoins developed externally coti uses a distinctive table as an exclamation mark of the data used and based on Cening this means that the blockchain used can protect IT and customer privacy. The protocols contained in the COTI have created a much more secure system for buyers and sellers with this COTI having an ecosystem that provides strong cyber security measures.

Coti uses the following philosophy in the simplicity of its operation the blockchain should be as simple as possible so that everyone can quickly use the application without requiring difficult knowledge of the very complex technology adopted by koti. However, it was designed and developed with ease of accessibility in mind. It is expected to be available on the Google App Store Play Store and also available in the web application in the code application, there will be a dashboard that is able to access all information related to the transaction history that has been carried.

Coti utility offers a complete point-of-sale software suite that will connect with Ai preachers using coti Point-of-sale users will get all the advantages of Ai preachers while being able to use conventional debit and credit card transactions.

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The maximum total supply on the coinpot in as much as two billion coins Coating this amount will circulate in all markets that serve the sale and purchase of coti coins.

Even the price of coti is now starting to recover, it dropped to 0.18 usd and now the price of coti coins is 0.22 usd .
My estimate is that coti coins can also penetrate to the number 1 usd dollar.


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