RE: A Simple, Quick & Healthy Dish: Pasta-less Raw Veggie Lasagna

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Just make sure to add a little bit of meat to the diet so you get essential amino acids for brain function.

You out of all people should know that since we've been lied to about so many things, that this could also be a lie...But yeah, there are other ways to get amino acids than from meat. I am not here to judge anyone for their choices, and I've been a big meat eater myself. Just these days I chose not to anymore because of the way it's obtained and reared.
I am 100% behind the idea of killing the animals in the wild, which is needed for a herd of deer to survive for instance. And I will be behind the farmer who raises their cows in a humane manner, and kills them the same, with respect and dignity. However, very often, we don't have the choice to get our meats from people like that, so I choose not to participate in the mass murder of innocent sentient beings who suffered their whole lives before being slaughtered, and all the bad hormones that come with that (and are in the meat...wonder why the majority of people are so fearful in their lives...).

But OK, we were having fun, no serious talk hehe. I appreciate you. That's all I really should have said :)

Oh, and I can anoint my fruit soup with ganja...but not sure if it would keep you away hehe.