Too late to the party but still writing it!

In the weekly CineTV contest prompt, we were asked to write about our favourite party movie.
I was quite sure I still had time, only to find out yesterday that the clock had run down. Ah well, that's life!
I decided to write it anyway because, well, what's better than a party, right?

There wasn't a lot of going back and forth for me either.
I knew it without even thinking. For a slight moment I thought I'd write about Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas because it is truly one of my most favourites of all time. However, I've written about it before, so then I thought of Hangover 1 & 2, which are also amazing movies. I laughed so hard with those, and could relate to both. Hangover 1 because I lived in Vegas, and Hangover 2 because I lived in Thailand. However, I've decided to go with this one. Which is actually my other favourite.




There are party movies, and there are parties.
A real life party is usually nothing like in the movies.
However, in this particular movie, I believe they've captured the feelings of a real party, with good or bad endings, quite well, although with a huge sense of humour.


The Cast

The main role of Ronna is portrayed by Sarah Polley, who I hadn't heard of till then, and I'm not aware of seeing her in anything else after this movie.
She did an awesome job at messing up the role. No, she didn't really mess up but her character messed up all the way through the movie. She was amazing at that.

Her best friend, Claire, was played by Katie Holmes.
There were a few other known faces throughout the whole thing, like Taye Diggs, and William Fichtner but the rest was more or less a B-movie cast.
The one that is a bit more famous now, was Timothy Olyphant, who played Todd the drug dealer, and who most of you will know from The Santa Clarita Diet.
It was the first time I'd laid eyes on him, and it was love at first sight haha. I believe he's a great actor.


The Movie

In short: Ronna can't pay her rent and is on the verge of eviction. She and her friends come up with a plan to buy drugs from a known dealer, sell fakes, and then scam this same dealer. All of it goes horribly wrong.

The movie has many twists and turns, and every time you thing you're at the end of the rollercoaster, you couldn't be more wrong.
It involves police, an illegal rave, unhappy drug dealers, and stupid kids, doing stupid things.
What better than that to entertain us on a Saturday evening?


Why I loved the movie

It's fast. It honours its title: Go.
There wouldn't be a better title for it.

However, why I loved it the most, is because I could relate to it in a big way. No, I've never had to buy or sell drugs to pay the rent. Nor did I ever get it into my head to scam a drug dealer out of his money or drugs. Nope.
That's a road I'd never take in a million years.


However, most of my 20's were spent in the 90's, and partly early 2000's, and I can truly say that those years were the best of my life but also the most crazy ones.
In those years, I've lived in Belgium, Japan, Hong-Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand, and then later in St. Martin, and the US. In the span of approximately 10-12 years, I was only at 'home' in The Netherlands for about 3 of those years.

However, ALL of the years abroad, and at home had one thing in common. Weekends of raves, house parties, techno concerts & festivals. I don't think I listened to much else than house music & techno in that time. Alternated with some rock and rap, and reggae to calm the mind.
But I remember times when I'd be in the car, driving, and one of my friend would dare to change the music I had on. From techno or house to something horrible like pop music.
I'd order them to put it right back where it was, or walk home. 😆

So yeah, I relate to this movie in ways I couldn't even start to describe. I know the issues that can arise when one is at a party like that and has one too many...
I've seen crazy people more crazy than I was.
I've seen things happen that I wouldn't like to repeat. Ever.
I've gotten in with the wrong crowd.
Got robbed. Money stolen. Cameras stolen. Yup, all that.
And sometimes I was lucky to be alive at the end of it.
I know like no other how things can go wrong, unplanned, and how crazy hoops one has to jump through to get out of the problem.
I've been there, done that.
And because of all that, this movie struck home for me more than any other.
Well, aside from the Hangover ones, and Fear and Loathing.

Maybe one day I'll actually write it all down...
And you can be the first to hear it all.
Who knows?

But for now, I'll leave it to your imagination.

Either way, if you haven't seen this flick, it's time to see it.
If you've lived a life anywhere remotely to that, you'll love it. And even if you didn't.

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I don't think I've seen this movie, noted!
I did enjoy the hangover movies and fear loathing.. a lot!
I even have a super fun memory from in the women's shelter (go figure!) where we replayed the hangover scenes and made pictures of it, the night shift lady played along and handed over these pics to the morning shift (een echte oude zuurpruim, lol) who was totally shocked and believed that these events actually took place that night :)
I really regret not taking that book with me when we were moved to another location, it was fun haha.



Haha, that is funny. I would have loved to see those pictures!
That woman (oude zuurpruim) reminds me of the nun (yup, you read that right, a NUN) that we had in Belgium when I was in boarding school.
Some girls had stuck sanitary towels with jam on it on another girl's mirror😆 and she freaked out and told on us all.
As a result, we were only allowed in our own rooms, and not visit others anymore. So I drew a face behind bars, and stuck it on my door.
She then pulled me aside, and told me in all seriousness: "Ýou shouldn't see yourself like a criminal." Funny, because it was meant to show that THEY saw us as criminals and locked us up. But that was way over her head haha.

Anyway, get a hold of Go. I know you'll love it, and the boyfriend too!