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Talks of ChatGPT have been heating up, the latest discussion about this matter is that the creators of ChatGPT have developed another tool to detect when ChatGPT has been used to generate text files, this tool is called AI text classifier.
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The tool scans the written text, detects and labels the text as “likely AI written” if it’s AI generated.
Here’s a link

Cool yeah? But only if it were 100% accurate.

Unfortunately, the creators of the tool have also said the tool is not reliable and truthfully so, I used it on both texts that were purely AI generated and that I wrote myself using AI, fortunately, it couldn’t detect when I used AI to write as I did in my last post but it could detect the one written fully by AI.


Is this classifier really needed?

Maybe, to detect fully AI generated content, but on the other hand it just kind of seems counter productive as it shows people how to not use AI generated stuff while using AI generated stuff.

What if I’m so used to ChatGPT style of writing after using it for countless times that my written content begins to sound like an AI generated stuff?

I saw an interesting example, the person claimed that he’d written an article years ago before ChatGPT came into existence but his article was still flagged as AI generated.

Certainly this is all new and unprecedented, devs are learning and improving as they go, these tech pieces are barely only coming together, we are still early.

But then again, we have sites like paraphrase.io or so, where one can rewrite content that won’t look like AI generated content. Now you’ve gotta ask, who are we kidding. Maybe the devs are having too much free time.

If you will AI, AI responsibly.

Thanks for reading….

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At least let's applaud the creators for such development to detect AI generated content. Like you've just indicated, even if it's not able to perform most of the functionalities we are expecting but the idea alone justifies that, it's unethical to depend your writing on AI