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How are you all guys hope you will be blessed and fine here is another post about the Splinterlands game in which i will be sharing the quest rewards of today along with the card from the DEATH splinter.


On the darkest nights in Mortis, the great Nightmare herd can be seen from a hundred miles away, lighting up the Death Splinter’s hazy sky as they burn for evermore. Their story is one of anguish and endless suffering, but also of hope and salvation. A Death sorcerer named Foglip Kraven who has long since passed to the Dark Eternity is the one who first discovered that living animals can be enlisted to the Death Splinter. Read more

Well today i just got vaccinated of moderna not sure about the spelling of the name but 3 hours ago the got vaccinated and now feeling uncomfortable because i heard that moderna has reaction so feeling not well today and got flu and headache but got medicine so going to sleep after writing this post. By the way let talk about the cards that i got from the yesterday quest yesterday i did not shared the quest rewards because of weekly battle challenge so here i am going to share the card from death family with blast ability that i am using mostly in the sneak ability rulset.



The abilities of this card is not bad at all but i am liking this card just because of its high health that you can get the 10 life from this card at level 1 with such a nice ability of blast but when you make it level 6 then you will get the next ability which named is phase means that magic attack will have chance to miss this card by hitting same like the weak magic monster attack on the other card with void ability.



Here is the quest rewards of yesterday that i completed with the snipe quest and got these useless rewards which includes nothing instead of getting this card and few dec tokens with 3 potion charges which is worth nothing but still want to share it.However the price of SPS tokens and dec is going down day by day that i bought so expensive and now loss some of my investment if i want to sell it but will not sell my dec and will hold these 1000$ worth of my investment in dec form for the chaos legion edition hope the price will pump for that edition and i am getting some SPS tokens on daily basis worth of $30 which is not bad and recovering my investment in some way.

All images are from the Splinterlands website

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