Rising Star - 12-13-21 : Local Gig Grinding


Today in Rising Star I'm still grinding out my daily Saturday Headline missions. At the moment, I'm sitting at 73 completed as I'm working my way to the 100 goal. But I figure I need to take some time out of my mission grind to head over to the Local Gig Circuit and start working out some of the missions there so I can be ready for the record a demo mission. As of right now, it pays up to 1660 starbits, a whole 200 more than the saturday headline mission.

My payouts recently have been a bit lower, but I don't think it's too much of an issue as I'm still getting around 2k/day. I'm hoping that these new missions will bump it up a bit more as I collect more cards. I'm also holding on to my starbits as I'm browsing the market for some good deals. There are plenty of 100 fan and 125 fan cards for around 6k starbits on average. I don't think this is a terrible price, but sometimes being patient is the right call.


My total missions are sitting at 458, but with me working on my missions in the Local Gig Circuit, this number should go up quickly as I get prepared for the higher leveled missions.