Rising Star - 12-15-21: Radio Sessions completed


Today in Rising Star I managed to finish up the required 8 mission completions for the Radio Studio Session mission. This didn't take all that long as I was able to knock it out in just 2 days with the help of finding some lucky pizzas during missions and only using my pizza slice card once.

I made about 2.2k starbits during the last 24 hours as well, but right after I finished up the studio sessions I already got a start on the Shopping Mall mission. I've only got a few of those out of the way, but I suspect that they'll also need to have 8 completed if I want to move on to Record a Demo. I've just been saving up my starbits recently. I'm debating if I want to cash them out at 10k for some more cards or just wait with them.


This time around I've got 484 total missions completed, an increase of 12 from yesterday. Not as big of a jump since these missions require so much energy to complete. But once they are finished, I typically try to find a pizza slice lying around by doing some busking or radio interviews. In just another day or two I should be able to hit 500 completed though, so I am looking forward to that.


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