My Actifit Report Card: September 7 2022 Day 3


Hello friends, lovely morning here in Nigeria, hope you have a wonderful day today. Yesterday I decided to give myself a rest, did not have so much work to do, so I decided to do a little trolling on the street of Akpaden, Akwa Ibom State here in Nigeria.

This city is beautiful, for those who have not been to Nigeria, I like to tell you that Nigeria is a beautiful place to visit in your holiday.well am not writing about Nigeria today that will be a topic for another day.

The man your seeing in the picture is waiting for bike to take him to work, yes that's how many people in this city normally get to places they want to go, here we use bike as a commercial transport depending on the distance to where your going.

He actually has seen a bike, but he needs to negotiate the price with the bike man.

Not that that there's no vehicle, but for short distance please you need bike so that you can fast, you may wonder bike and motor which one is faster, the truth is that bike will carry only you while motor will have to wait until the number of people complete before leaving and that's makes bike faster than moter for a as short distance journey.

That's why we called it Naija. Thanks for reading my post.

All the pictures are from my GIONEE S11 lite.
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