MonsterCrushers Monthly Stake Stats

MonsterCrusher is an SPT curation account for the SPT Tribe. We also encourage posters to use the BATTLE tag on all SPT content. Currently all upvotes are done manually but the eventual plan is to give auto upvotes to those who make it on our list of approved content creators. To learn more about this initiative Click Here.

MonsterCrusher's Growth

7/3/202113,452101 2841

On the first of each month MonsterCrusher will share stats of our growth. Currently we will mainly focused on SPT with our secondary focus being BATTLE. We will be using all liquid HIVE/HBD earned from content creating/ curation to purchase the SPT token and from time to time we will also purchase the BATTLE token. This will help grow the amount of Staked SPT/BATTLE we have which is great for everyone who is getting upvotes from us. Below is our updated list of Splinterland content creators that will be or have already been getting upvotes from us. If your name is on the below list and you created an SPT post that we didn't upvote share it in the reply section and we will upvote it ASAP!

Those currently on our upvote list

What Is SPT

SPT is the native token of the Splintertalk Tribe. One can earn SPT tokens via creating/curating content on the frontend One can also earn SPT tokens via using the SPT tag on any Splinterland related topic created on the HIVE Network. SPT can be traded on the exchange Hive-Engine.

What is BATTLE

BATTLE was the first TRIBE on the HIVE Network that was created strictly for general gaming content. BATTLE can be earned via creating/curating content on the Tribe or by using the tag BATTLE on any gaming content created on the HIVE Network. BATTLE can be Traded on the HIVE-ENGINE exchange.




This is a great initiative, thanks for including me in the of list of Splinterlands content creators.