Are You a Winner?


If you saw my last post, you'll know I have a goal to find blockchain gamers and encourage them to post in one location so that people who play multiple games cam find all of the posts that interested them in one community. As a part of this initiative, I plan to start cross posting articles I find beneficial into this community. With that said, when I start looking for posts within the gaming community, the first ones I look for are the giveaways. Whether it is cards or tokens, people (especially new players) love to get free things and these posts tend to generate a lot of engagement. What better type or post to start highlighting on this endeavor?

Image by Goumbik from Pixabay

Therefore, as I run across giveaways that I enter, I will add them to the Blockchain Gaming Community and add the graphic below to my comment encouraging others to post in this community, as well. I don't know how effective this will be, but it can't hurt. This is just the first step in my "movement".


If you think it would be great to have posts from several gaming communities in one place, please add your posts to the Blockchain Gaming Community. If you participate in giveaway offered by other gamers, check for them in the Blockchain Gaming Community.

Using the #battle Tag

As I was coming up with this "movement", the one thing I felt was missing was the opportunity to earn tokens for including your posts. However, in addition to the feedback I received on my original post, I was also reminded of the #battle tag which is designed for the gaming community. So, in addition to adding your posts to the Blockchain Gaming Community, if you include the #battle tag, you will also be rewarded with BATTLE tokens (and who doesn't like earning more tokens?).

So spread the word! Add your posts! Check back daily! Get involved in the Blockchain Gaming Community!