How to transfer your HIVE from Hive wallet to Binance


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If you have been wondering how you can transfer your HIVE from your Hive wallet to your Binance wallet, this tutorial is for you. The steps are quite straightforward, so this one should be easy to follow!

Step 1: Go to your Fiat and Spot wallet in Binance then Search HIVE

To go to your wallet, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on All tab (red arrow) in the sidebar
  2. Click Wallet
  3. Then select Fiat and Spot (yellow arrow)

Binance sidebar

After that, you will see an interface that is similar to the one below. Once you see this interface, type hive in the search bar as indicated by the red arrow below.

fiat and spot.png
Fiat and Spot interface

Step 2: Get Address and Copy Memo

Next step is to click on Deposit under the action options for HIVE.

fiat and spot.png
Deposit HIVE option

After that, you will be redirected to the Deposit Crypto page. Click on Get Address, then copy the Address and Memo that will be needed for the next step.

deposit hive.png
Get Address

Address and Memo

Step 3: Send HIVE, input the Address and Memo, then Confirm

After getting the Address and Memo, we will now do the transactions from our Hive wallet. In this tutorial, we are using PeakD's interface for these transactions.

You can just edit the username with your Hive username in this link to go directly to your wallet:

Now that you are in your Hive wallet, click on SEND in the Hive Tokens section as illustrated in the image below.


After that, a pop-up similar to the one below will appear. Fill out the the amount that you want to send, then fill out To and Memo with the corresponding Address and Memo that you got from Binance earlier.

Note: Use the address and memo from your Binance account. Not the one in this screenshot.


Lastly, click on Proceed. Now you just have to wait a bit before it reflects in your Binance wallet. For this transaction, it took less than five minutes for the transfer to complete.

There you have it! You now know how easy it is to transfer HIVE from your Hive wallet to your Binance account.


Always like your guides because they are so clear and easy to understand! Thanks!


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This is really good information to have. There are 1000s of posts showing us how to convert Fiat to other forms of Crypto.
There are not a lot of articles covering all the ways to transfer Hive back into other currencies :-D