ecoTrain Question Of The Week Season 8 - ACTION: #1 What Actions have you taken in your life that led to positive changes?


Sometimes a moment or state of affairs adjustments your life
And wreck something inside you, sweeping feelings
Your little heart till its pulse hurts, and it turns off
The glow of life in your eyes, you see life in the dark
There are no colorations in it, you hate everything, and you assume that
What you went via is a dream, and you will wake up from it
A day and many days and you are waiting
You wake up however to no avail

If we want to consider things with influential phrases or attitudes, the latter ought to be excellently imprinted when you are young. I do now not suppose that a character has only one state of affairs that modified his life.

It is usually possible to reap great things with the proper education. It is true that the fruits may also reap after a long time... Many may tell you suitable and magnificent words, but no, that does not without a doubt have an effect on except (the source) himself has high-quality admire for him..

There are two troubles that you need to center of attention on in a conversation about this matter: friends and childhood.

There are a lot of situations that modified me or, let's say (form me):

  • My father: We do not discuss much, but one of his very few suggestions that helped me: Never enter the area of schooling (for the record, he labored for 30 years as an basic faculty instructor and used to be a primary at times), the 2nd thing from him is do not give up writing.
  • The English trainer treated me very well, and each translation now I would like to dedicate to her truely because she is after God, thanks to her education. I don't be mindful specific words or situations she said, however the situations I lived via in gaining knowledge of form a effective motivator and impact for everything I do now.

Selling my first service in Fiverr, then my first job in a freelancer with a five-star ranking (it might also seem easy to some, but the fee right here is no longer only financial) because it virtually modified my existence in practice (this is to actually record that Hassoub did actual matters in people's lives except looking down on me her right).

I got to comprehend thru the remarks and topics about the individuals of Hassoub who I benefited from a lot here..some of them I labored with in some facet projects such as the exclusive Ahmed Muhaisin and Ahmed Al-Hajj Abdeen and others who helped me with their advice via non-public correspondences such as Ivy and others..

Some points of advantage in my life in general:

  • You are created for a unique mission in this life, spend your time searching for it and then do it.

  • Everything in your life that passes is now not related to tampering with the whole thing that can benefit you if you make correct use of it.

  • (As you condemn, you condemn) is a proverb that is now not associated to evil only, however it is actual (karma) do accurate and it will inevitably come back to you in one way or another, and the true news is that it is usually double.

  • Unless you love yourself (correctly) you will never love anyone else. Self love properly besides ego is what will lead you to success.

  • life search: Always get your very own answers, the universe is large and there is no standard reply (standard means) for everyone.

  • If you favor to design something and do not write it on a piece of paper, neglect that it will happen. The universe is mysterious, but it is absolutely (written) somewhere, and to obtain what you want, you ought to (write it) somehow. Everything that is written (falls) in one way or another.

    Thank You