Eat Alone, Die Alone.

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Have I Verified Everything? (H.I.V.E)
Some creepy creepers crept into my crib concertedly. Wonder what that means? Just come along as I make open the curtains of secrets of some guys to you.
How can you be so stingy to yourself? That's about the worse a man would do to himself. Preserving the best for a tomorrow that is not certain, worms eating up what you have kept for feeding on the next day.

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Recently, a group of guys stormed social media platforms, creating online IDs claiming to be stingy men. One would have thought it a serious issue only to find out how folly it was to play around. In the real world, are there stingy mems for real, a question you must have answered as you read that line?

Who Is A Stingy Person?

A stingy individual is someone who has money but is very reluctant to part with it. He is a miser; he doesn't like to spend money on himself or others. He is reluctant to spend money on things that are essential as well. Google

Such people exist. Yeah! They do exist. An individual who is rich enough to keep a close medical check up on his health would rather he doesn't visit the hospital so his wealth will not diminish is only keeping himself, slowly.

All the social media rants came as a result of modern-day ladies who would stop at nothing to size a guy's wallet and eventually drain him before any meaningful conversation will begin. It's so terrible. Now, the guys have resolved also not to release their dough until a meaningful conversation has been made with the babes. What a world?

Where is the art of giving? What has happened to charity?

We cannot deny the fact that some cheerful givers still exist. But what is the price in binging to an association of stingy people?

Away from that.

I believe that giving is a character that helps the home, society, and interpersonal relationships bloom.

Giving Is Contagious
When we give, cheerfully, there is usually a ripple effect on that action. The love spreads and society becomes a place where everyone bothers about the welfare of their neighbors. If you want to receive, then you may need to practice giving. Let it be your lifestyle. That isn't the case now. Many people are quite frugal with what they possess because as they would like to say

times are bad.

Giving Breed Social Connection
No one is truly independent. When we give to others, we create an atmosphere of comfort where the next person to you is not burdensome to seek your audience when he or she needs help. The ideals of problem shared are half solved should continue. Perhaps you have never considered giving as a part of your communal obligation, you should from now see to it that find your balance in the world of giving, charitably.

Giving Encourages Gratitude
The giver and receiver appreciate a kind gesture towards them. If you have received from an individual, it is a prerogative to be thankful. At other times, the giver givers out because of what he had received elsewhere.

Giving Improves Our Mental Health
Someone may be surprised to hear this. There is this something relief you get when you give. It comes from within. And it brings about the joy that cannot be explained. People who are givers per excellence are happier by nature. If you want to find your beautiful, begin to give.

I understand the social media tantrum is to ward off unholy relationship which is frequently bordered around cheat and lust.

When you are and ardent giver, it times when you may need help, it will not be by struggle. Its a principal that this generation must imbibe.


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Definitely you have done very well and I must say you have said so many things that I have to agreed with you that giving as a whole is essential in life.

But permit me to do some add on to this content of yours comment,cause I think you didn't really mentioned that,but of all that is good ,cause that is one reason I have something to talk about(lolz)

To me mates, giving is not only in monetary term as many understanding key to, giving too comes in different forms aside the monetary side, giving comes in terms of helping people with valuable things ,even knowledge as well needs to do with giving,will have some many people that as refused to pass on their understanding all in the name of wanting to always receive the glory a the time, forgetting they death will render those things useless when they are no more.

It is advisable that we all understand the place of charity in our day to day life,just like my father do say

We go up by helping each other in life

We only go up by helping each other,a soul you refused to help won't be able to help another person.

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