Efuru: The Poem

Image designed @canva.com

On a path to the riverrine at dawn,
Crickets chirping hungry in the midst of plenty,
Persistently Efuru trekked the mile,
With old mother's terracotta pot,
Descending the hill to fetch of the stateam,
An only source of water for local dwellers.

Two hefty men jumped out from the dark,
Threatening to beat the heck out of her,
Like a lion she roared in anger waiting the first move,
Who dares stand before Efuru?
Maybe one will go home injured while the other testify,
Of the fiery dart of the lioness Efuru.

With a thunderous voice she commanded,
Let my first prey come to me,
I want to feed his carcass to the wild-dogs of the black forest,
A butterfly that calls itself a bird will not return after it's first flight,
Efuru stamped her foot as the broad-chested moved ahead,
With one punch he fell blood gushing from his nostrils.

Converge!!! You Ozor holders,
A taboo has been committed,
Our land is crying blood,
For the royal guards on the mission to arrest,
Beaten up by the little chap they were to arrest,
It's sacrilege for a mortal to beat up men whom the gods have appointed,
Summon her at once before my wrath breaks out, Eze fired.

A rabbit does not run out of it's whole in broad daylight,
If it's not running after something,
Something must be running after it,
Who called the daughter of the priestess,
Efuru turtled like a warrior before the council,
His Highness come at me for safety at the borders await me.

I, Efuru is the defender of the weak,
What our dear king could not understand,
He fights with the powers with which he was to protect the weak,
Let it be known now and always,
The smartest monkey falls the hardest,
Let everyone be fair to another.

I make a pronouncement now as the spirits records,
Know it that he who kills by the sword will die by the sword,
Vengeance is in the shedding of the blood of the innocent,
Let every man rethink else he calls the wrath of the supreme,
Make your ways straight and defend the vulnerable,
That's the purpose you are seated on that throne.

Amazement and locked mouth smelled in the air,
No one has a reply to her beepings,
Not even Eze could utter a word,
All men bowed in shame of the correction from a brat,
Maybe everyone will comport and go back to their normal businesses,
Controversies are not settled by the lesser being.


Worrying yields no fruit. Piece of mind makes your mind come alive.