Everything About The Palm Tree Is Useful

I sat down to meditate on what to write today. As browsed through my vicinity, the only tree appeared to me but among all, I found the palm tree of more economic importance than all others.

The African palm, scientifically known as Elaeis Guineensis. To pick out the importance of the tree, I will bisect the tree into sections so that you may understand why I said everything about it is useful.

In the African context, from the branches of a palm tree, we. can produce the local broom that is meant for sweeping. When the leaves are thoroughly cleaned, the strands on which the leaves stand are fiber, it becomes a strand of the broom. When other strands are put together, it is then called a bunch of brooms.

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The husk from the branches can also be used to make ropes for trying farm products. In villages where yam barns are erected, these ropes are used to hang edible yams, in some quarters, yam runners that are kept for replanting reasons could also be tied using the palm tree husk.

The trunk of the tree could be used as fuel in bakeries and to produced coal for burning purposes.

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Alcohol can be tapped from a live palm tree. In tropical Africa where we have a lot of palm tree that terminated through pollination, tappers reside very close to the forest of palm trees to be able to get *palm wine or cook out alcohol using caustic soda.

The trunk of the tree can be used in making furniture. The famous cane chair is a typical example of furniture that can be made from the trunk of a palm tree.

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The most economic part of the palm tree is the *palm fruit. From the fleshy fruit, you can produce palm oil which can become an export commodity. In the early 19th century, palm oil was one of the major export products of Nigeria and other West African nations.

The chaff from the palm fruits is useful manufacturing of sponge.

There is also kernel from the palm but. It is used in making kernel oil which usually *dark brown in colour. It us one of the richest antidote for convulsion in African Traditional Medicine.

The broken shell of the palm but is used in making break pads for motor vehicles. Military personnel discovered this and have since started producing locally mantra tired break pads in Nigeria.

That's not all the broken shell can be used for. In local architecture of beachfront huts, the shells are usually used as tiles. Like granite, the palm but shell could be used as local security apparatus. The noise it creates when you walk on it with your shoes on send an alarm that someone is around the premises.

Palm trees are blessing of nature to mankind.


Palm cannel is a total blessing to human kind.

Avery single part of it is really useful back in the days my Dad has a plantation of palm tree and i can totally relates to all it's usefulness you explained above.

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