Silence: Earn Your Respect

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Hi friends.
We can be friends for many reasons but we can continue to be friends when you are not playing the roles of an observer. While taking cognizance of everything and the individual around you, talking only when it matters, tends to earn you respect. When an individual gets to a place, as a novice, he/she would have to watch the environment to see what entails there. Jumping into the gun without finding a pedestal to lay on could be dangerous.

When a fowl arrives newly, it stands with one leg.

Silence is a great virtue. Yes, it is. When you keep quiet, it doesn't mean you are a fool. It doesn't.

Silence Breeds Patience
When an individual keeps silent, it helps them to be patient, waiting for the appropriate time to launch a sensible contribution to an agenda. It is worthy of vouch when we keep silent and watch events unfold while keeping a close tab to know how to gain the opportunities that lie in it.

During arguments, a lot of people do not get patient. They want to pour out their heart, to be heard, and make themselves relevant. You don't have to win all arguments. You also do not need to join in on any appearance of argument.

Silence Breeds Calmness
Calm people do not like noisy environments. They want to be able to think, reflect and measure their height in terms of progress. Most calm people are often wise. They do not take hasty decisions because it is in their nature to take one step before another.
Just like a writer, an artist, or a mathematician, silence helps them to be productive. Unfortunately, we live in a world where noise and lousiness have taken over space and there is no more piece for someone to reason except you create one by imagining it.

Silence is golden.

What you say now will be used against you at the law court.

However, while we keep silent or get to say our opinion, it is paramount ro be reasonable. The law does inflict injuries on people who use words without wisdom.

Silence Leads To Awareness
While we keep silent and watch, we tend to grasp the information that could lead to breaking through in aspects we least expected.

It is no more news that when an individual is needed to take up a managerial, a top-level managerial position, mostly only people who can keep their mouths are usually appointed. This is so because of the high secrecy that exists among officers of that cadre.

Individuals who talk too frequently tend to lose their respect very easily. We should keep our words in our mind, process it before we say it. The mind is like the central processing, where our words should be weighed before the mouth utters it.


Just some hours ago, I was thinking of a post to write on silence and talkative then reading this now gave me more grounds to cover for that post, not sure when I'll write it though.

You have written well about silence and how it earns us respect... Very valid, got here through @dreemport