Community Tagging Arrangement Error Seen On the New UI

The project blank, the most trending news on the entire hive blockchain, has caused so many positive stirs both online and offline since its launch on the 14th day of February. So many things have been said about it, and the fact is that it can't be talked about for less because the new updates being added to it on different bases, which are unique and spectacular, will always prompt people to constantly talk about the Project-blank.

As the day passes by, the project blank ages the more with different versions of it being seen because with every feature added to it, it gives it a different view, thereby giving people more reason to try it out constantly.

In respect to these features added on different occasions, there have been a series of changes on different levels, and the style of approach has been quite different than the one we were familiar with on the old UI. The subject of interest here is based on tagging.

Tagging Style i Noticed

Screen Shot 2023-04-03 at 18.52.37.png

Screen Shot 2023-04-03 at 18.58.35.png

On the previous [Old UI], the tagging style was as follows: if one wants to tag, as we all know that different communities are seen on Hive Blockchain, for example the city of Neoxian community first before other tags that will follow on the post, inasmuch as it was the Neoxian that was selected first before other communities, it will be the first tagged community to show forth before other tagged communities. But on the new UI, it is rather different;

Notwithstanding the community pressed first, it will always be leofinance that will be the first tag to appear, such that when it is published, what appears first is the leofinance community, maybe followed by any other arrangement in communities.

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