When Fans Becomes Superfans ; A case study of Growing Activities and Engagement on Leofinance

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Using myself as a case study of this, I got onboard on Hive sometime last year, and the measure up on hive dealings through to engaging from my own back end to the front end of holding on till now is something discouraging from the beginning, but at the tail end, it's a source of motivation, and I am proud of overcoming and standing strong till now. We move.

The Fan Metality

Back in the days when I was navigating through communities on hive and looking for a community I could hold on to based on being able to hold on to their tenets, rules, and regulations, and communities on hive have their own rules, I bumped into Leofinance, and the very first thing I did was to read the captions of most posts that received more updates than others, and through this I understood to an extent what the community held, and to round it up, I read through the rules and regulations of the community.

The fan mentality of mine was shown when I read through some articles, especially those relating to Cryptocurrency, as I have been a crypto enthusiast before now. I held on to the fan mentality by always reading through the contents and learning from them, but then that was where it all ended, as I wasn't contributing to the community but rather taking away from the articles published.

Therefore, being a fan of Leofinance has to do with loving and liking the dealings on Leofinance, its mode of operation, and being more like a takeaway in the community, such that no footprint of you is seen on the community as per engagements in different ways. This was my state then, as I had nothing to contribute. Though, notwithstanding the fact that I have it in me to log on, I was continuously held down by my state of mind and thoughts, and instead of breaking the limits inside of me and being out of the box, I held on.

When it comes to dedication as a fan, it has been shown how dedicated they are when it comes to engagement, as they are a one-time engager, as their engagement is mostly seen in once-in-a-while posts and comments. When it comes to knowledge and showing expertise on Leofinance, that of a fan is obvious enough, as they don't know anything about the factory base of Leofinance, which involves the farms, dens, delegation, and follow-ups on Social Media handles.

The Superfan Mentality

Of concrete meaning, obvious evidence is the difference between a normal fan and a superfan of leofinance, as it is just the opposite of the fan mentality. A little read-through of the characteristics of a fan above and turning it on the opposite side is the difference between a fan and a superfan.

Turning Fans into Superfans

Obvious enough is the fact that, to an extent, being a fan or a superfan is decided by the level of engagement, dedication, and support given. Turning one from a fan to a superfan first of all starts with the mindset. The fan should first of all make the decision to be a superfan, and in this sense, being a superfan requires an extra mile beyond what is seen in one being a mere fan.

Recently, the new Leofinance was launched, which before now had been a dream, but it later became a reality in the month of February when it was launched, and its existence has been felt ever since then. Right from the infancy of the interface, a fan will give a first trial of logging into the interface, and if it proves abortive because of how juvenile the interface was, as there were many bugs to be fixed, which on their own will make one change his or her mind about the interface, a fan will walk away and wouldn't want to give it a second try. A superfan would want to give it a second try, putting more pressure on themselves to log in. In this case, a fan can become a superfan by giving more so as to log in. Even at the case study of one giving #feedback on the features added which is more like a test run and mentioning of features one might want to see added on the interface, a superfan would think more and deep, test run the features added and if possible give a description of the features to be added if need be.


On the aspect of engagement, seeing that the interface has been upgraded to a much greater extent and is much better than what was seen before as communities on Hive blockchain are now being added, which gives one the room to publish content through the front end of the interface, a superfan would want to explore more on this and would want to try it out when writing content outside of Leofinance acceptance. This, in this way, would pronounce the interface more, as many people out there haven't heard of it, nor does a community like Leofinance exist.


The thread feature added to the interface, which has changed the way content creation is done on Hive, is also a great way to show the ones that are fans and the ones that are superfans. Seeing that the thread space is the most engaging aspect of the interface, along with hive's advertisement space and fun-catching space on hive, a superfan will contribute to this as the thread has lessened the burden of engagement when it comes to short-form contents.


Concerning the growth of the community and, in extension, the Hive Blockchain, seeing that the DHF funding is ongoing and the support of each and every one of us, firstly the subscribers of this community and the entire Hive Blockchain, a superfan would not only contribute to this by voting but also would want to invite others to vote too, seeing that once this funding is complete, it will not only raise the community to a different high standard but the entire community and the blockchain at large.


On the aspect of bringing our post to Twitter (x) space by creating a threadstorm about the topic of our post already published in the community, this is another way of knowing a fan and a superfan, as a superfan would follow the prompt on this and at the tail end post the link of the post in Twitter space. By so doing, we are raising traffic for the community and hive blockchain at large.


On the other hand, seeing that it is a necessity that we continually increase the pageviews number by linking our words with leoglossary links, a superfan will not just write content but will carefully write and input leoglossary links to the words necessary.

Finally, turning from a fan to a superfan isn't too late; we can do it together.

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