Runi On The Battlefield


Runi, available for sale on the Ethereum network, can now be used in Splinterlands battles. Two days ago, I made my Runi available in the game. Yesterday I tested my Runi on the battlefield.

I finished in the Diamond I league last season, so I started in the Gold I league this season. Runi is a rank-four legendary card, but the offensive power is somewhat diminished in the lower leagues.


As seen in the table above, Runi has three melee attack power in the Gold league. Runi has a similar attack power in the bronze league. The efficiency we will get from Runi differs according to the league we fight. It will be more effective in the Diamond league as its offensive power has increased by one. Its unique features allow Runi to make a difference in certain games.

I've used Runi in about 20 battles yesterday.

Runi is effective in the Explosive Weaponry ruleset as it is not affected by reflections thanks to its Reflection Shield feature. Since the first and sixth cards are mostly shot, we place cards with reflection shields in the second and fourth rows. Being a neutral card, Runi has put the players at ease in this regard, as there is only one card with this feature in most elements.

Another ruleset that Runi affects is Reverse Speed. Runi has one speed and True Strike. Being a slow card does not cause any problems in terms of attack, thanks to its True Strike feature. In games where the Reverse Speed ruleset is valid, Runi is also in an advantageous position in the defensive position because there is a possibility of quick cards missing Runi.

Runi makes a difference with its self-resurrect feature in games where the Holy Protection ruleset is valid. Because after it dies and resurrects, the opponents must remove Runi's protection, hit its shield, and finally take its remaining life. It is possible to benefit from this feature during all games when Lorna Shine is used, which gives Divine Shield quality to all cards in her team.

In games where the Spreading Fury ruleset applies, the speed of the players that were hit increases by one and a half times. For this reason, the speed of some cards goes up to 10, and it becomes difficult to beat them. The true strike feature of Runi saves lives in such situations.

Runi also performs effectively in the Briar Patch ruleset. Because it is not affected by thorns, thanks to its shield feature, it can attack the weakest card of the opponent several times.

My Runi is shown below. It looks better with the frame.



Just as spring does not come with a flower, we can only win some games with specific cards. The rules of Splinterlands require players to have an extensive portfolio of cards.

Rune becomes much more effective when we increase the melee attack score by 1 or 2 using the Inspire feature. Due to its high cost, the Runi is not an easily purchased card. It creates a significant competitive advantage in the rulesets I listed above. Besides, it is a neutral card that can be used in many instances. On the other hand, it has a high collectible value since every Runi is unique.

Thank you for reading.

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