LIZA FOX Rare Golden Gladiator Card of Splinterlands


Recently, after a guild brawl, I collected 2000 Merit Medals in exchange for a gladiator card pack.

Open the card pack, there are two rare cards and three common cards.One of them is a golden rare card LIZA FOX.


Only 103 in total have been released so far.
LIZA FOX's data is excellent. It can cause four long-range attack damage to the enemy, and the attack power is very strong.
The only drawback is that it takes seven magic spells to summon her.
It needs to be used under high magic rules, with a high health tank in front to prevent it from falling into melee combat and unable to launch long-range attacks.
I can't wait to put her in the next guild brawl to see how powerful she is.


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