Meet Thorny the Crystal Jaguar


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It's time for another share your battle post from @splinterlands! When I saw that this week's card was the Crystal Jaguar I knew I had to write one.

Let's talk about the Crystal Jaguar

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It's an untamed life monster, it is mainly used as a front-line tank however it can be very useful at holding the back door when you play the ruleset where every monster has the sneak ability.
Low cost at only 4 mana, a decent speed for a tank, good health, and shield but it lacks firepower on the early levels. To make up for his inferiority attack stat he gets thorns which is an overpowered ability under the right circumstances.

Best rule sets:


The battle

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Low mana cap and Life Splinter was open so it was the perfect excuse to take out my Jaguar for a spin. When playing "Spreading Fury" I usually like to use high HP cards but with such little mana, I decided to spam weaker monsters.

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FURIOUS CHICKEN leading the way as the sacrificial pawn, I wanted to buy some time for the Jaguar while the sneak and snipe cleared the enemy's damage dealers. In this case, the sniping ability was useless.

CRYSTAL JAGUAR to tank the damage for the second round and start distributing that sweet thorns damage. The shield was great to absorb that big 5 damage hit. The jaguar was the MVP on this match, holding the front line while the others were doing their work.

SILVERSHIELD BARD was just a filler card, I had 1 mana left to spend so I decided to throw her in there for the speed up and potentially tank one extra attack for the backline.

FERAL SPIRIT took care of the healer on the first round and kept going sweeping their backline one by one. I love this card!

SILVERSHIELD ARCHERS I was hoping they could snipe some unprotected ranged monster but since the opponent didn't bring any he just focused on the front liner and kept shooting blast after blast. He eventually delivered the killing blow to the annoying healling sea monster.

Battle link

Screenshot 2021-10-06 at 20.47.31.png

The enemy had a higher level summoner and a level 8 sea monster but that wasn't enough to counter my well thought out team. A good strategy can counter over-leveled cards any day. Glad to walk away with those extra 43 DEC.

Good games and see you on the battlefield!