5 minute freewrite Saturday


This is my post for #freewriters Saturday hosted by @mariannewest

muffled voice
hundreds of twinkling lights
coconut oil
shrimp with lemon sauce

You will not see this recipe in any cookbook so maybe you would like to bookmark it on your computer, Mum said in her muffled voice. I will send it to you in an E-mail.
shrimp with lemon sauce
The first thing you need to do is catch one fruitfly, they might be small but one is all you need. Don't overdo it on them or you will be seeing hundreds of twinkling stars. Don't let this get on the internet, fruitflies are a mild narcotic when taken in moderation, overdo it with them and you will see more than twinkling stars. I know this to be true.

The first time I made this recipe, to catch the fruitflies I cut a plastic bottle in half and turned the top half upside down into the bottom half, which made a funnel. I put a little beer in the bottom of it and set it under my fruit tree. It did not take long and it was full of fruitflies.

I fried the shrimp in coconut oil. I thought, what could it hurt to put all of the fruitflies in it, they are so small. So I dumped them all.

I made myself a huge plate and sat down to eat. It did not take long before the twinkling stars started, when I tried to walk, the room started spinning and I was seeing every color of the rainbow.

This is when the clowns appeared. They were on the rainbow with their unicycles throwing giant fireflies at me. When one would hit me it sent a coldness through me that was like death, or what I imagine death to be. One after another they hit me. I ran until I could not run any further.

The cops said that they had a hard time catching me. I asked why were they chasing me, they said I was in the kiddy ball pit at Chuckie Cheese screaming at the kids to watch out for the clowns.

photo is mine